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Confusion, Time Management Issues, Loss of Employee Control, Office dysfunction, Bad Current Office Management. Somethings that may be going on in a potential clients life would be office expansion. New business Start-Up or maybe the just finally understand “Pay it Forward” and that if you maximize your I.T. You Maximize your Business. Usually the 3 decisions that someone would make would be to decide that running a company with your secretary as your I.T. Is not only a horrible way to waste your money but nothing is getting done around the office not only that but the Secretary can’t do her job. It’s not always the secretary sometimes its a guy name “Gary” who works at the company plays alot of video games and so he can do anything and everything in I.T. Without a College Degree or any Certifications. Just to put this in prespective this is the equivalent of hiring your child to do heart surgery on a human being in a hospital. He can do it because hes played with a testiscope in his bedroom a few times. The last one would be if you have a current I.T. Provider who isn’t doing a good job. Red flags of a bad job would be, long down times, Slow Responses, Low to no Security. The next decision the owner would make would be to schedule a consultation with an I.T. Specialist and not an I.T. Guru.

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