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Inspired by travel, I’m a vintage enthusiast and suit collector. My Italian greyhound, Lily, loves hiking metro-Atlanta trails with me. I’m a recovering attorney and a native Georgian who doesn’t cook, but enjoys trying new restaurants.

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Fit: Respect

My client, Jonathan, asks lots of questions – I LOVE when clients ask questions! When Jonathan shows interest in and curiosity about his online marketing, I know he recognizes the importance of the process and my knowledge base on the subject. It’s my favorite way he lets me know he respects me and the value I bring. Lawyers are known for asking questions in the courtroom, but when it comes to digital marketing they may feel intimidated or disinterested and clam up. That’s why I’m a resource for the estate planning attorney you know who gives you the third degree when you mention you’ve recently tried a new restaurant. She wants to know every detail.

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Dan, an estate planning attorney who loves to golf, wants to meet me. He’s always thirty minutes late to his son’s soccer games on Tuesdays. His Volvo SUV has a Woodward Academy sticker on the back windshield.

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    Atlanta Legal Marketing
  • 750 Park Avenue, NE
  • 18 South
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30326
  • Phone: 404-219-3457
  • Website: www.atlantalegalmarketing.com

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