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I am a husband and father of two sons. I am passionate about my family, my friendships, and my faith. Some of my favorite activities are camping, golf, college football, playing the trumpet, and reading.


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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Endorsement Letters – Story

Tommy Schlosser wrote a very nice endorsement letter after doing business with me highlighting the customer service he had received. I was appreciative of his letter and kindness as I had diligently worked to resolve/troubleshoot a service need for him. A customer service specialist at the corporate office commended my knowledge and diligence to help him and passed that on to the head of their department. I later received an unexpected call from the department head appreciating my involvement and effort. Being able to share with them his endorsement letter was a great experience and one I’ll not forget. It’s also been rewarding to share that letter with potential clients. Thanks Tommy!

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My mission with Crush Global is to provide excellent health and wellness products with our total life enhancement system so that my clients can “crush their day and change their life!”

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