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I am a husband and father of two sons. I am passionate about my family, my friendships, and my faith. Some of my favorite activities are camping, golf, college football, playing the trumpet, and reading.


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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Element: Magnetism | Topic: Commander’s Intent – How Do They Know?

A common question that I get is two-fold; “Will I get the results I am seeking from taking your company’s health and wellness products, and how much does it cost?” Many times, the implication behind the question is that they may have tried other products from various sources but didn’t quite get the results they had hoped. My usual response is, “can you be more specific?”, and then listen to their health and wellness journey and experience. The best thing for a prospective client to do for me is to identify what their health goals or needs are and then ask which product(s) I believe would be the best match for them and why? Although there are no promises, quick fixes, or guarantees; I can provide valuable insight that may help them better achieve the results they are seeking.

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My mission with Kitts Wellness is to provide excellent health and wellness products so that my clients can experience better health through better living!

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