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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Element: Behavior | Topic: Green = WHO + HOW -Tone of Voice

My best prospects in Residential Real Estate:

What tone of voice do your best prospects have when they first reach out to you?
They come into the door with a joyful and excited tone of voice. They have a good idea of what they want and are glad to be partnered with a top team of agents!

If they reach out by email, what is the tone of their words?
They are thoughtful and gracious in their tone.

Are they clipped and quick, or expressive and friendly?
They lead a busy life, so their word choice is short and to the point, without being cold. They express what their wants needs and desires are to frame the conversation for our meetings.

Is the whole message in the subject line, or do they begin with a greeting?
My best prospects will have a 2-3 word synopsis of the conversation in the subject line and a warm greeting to start the message.

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Company Profile

The Farren Group is a team of local Atlanta real estate professionals whose mission is to provide the highest level of service to help our clients achieve their home buying and selling dreams.

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    Keller Williams Peachtree Road
  • 804 Town Boulevard
  • Suite A2040
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30319
  • Phone: 404.414.7001
  • Website: http://www.farrengroup.com/

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