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Photographing nature, gardening, yoga and reading a good mystery book are how I like to spend my leisure time. Never bored and always looking for a new adventure, I love to travel.

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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Element: Magnetism | Topic: Commander’s Intent – Why is that Important?

A ready cliche about Personal Injury Attorneys is that they are ‘ambulance chasers’. Nick Schnyder is our team’s Personal Injury Attorney. He is a professional who knows how to evaluate a case on its merits.

Not all of Nick’s cases result in a negotiated settlement. If in the best interest of his client, Nick will take his case to court. Because Nick will represent his clients interests in court, he receives referrals from other Personal Injury Attorneys.

Nick sees his job as helping his clients to recover financial losses after an accident.

Why is it important to Nick’s clients that he evaluates a case on its merits?
Answer: Nick does not strive to give his clients who are hurting physically/emotionally false hope about their case. He sets proper client expectations for an attainable outcome.

Why is it important that his clients have an expectation of an attainable outcome?
Answer: Clients don’t need false hope. They need to know that if necessary Nick will argue their case in court. His goal is to get the money necessary for clients to recover physically & financially from an accident.

Why do clients need to know they’ll have funding to recover from and accident/injury? Nick’s clients want to move on with their lives, recover from physical and emotional injury and have the means to do it.

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For twenty years, Wealth & Pension Services Group (WPSG) has been helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals and plan for a strong financial future.

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