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I once won front row center Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets. Four times a year I go fishing on the Florida gulf coast for trout, redfish and flounder. I like extreme sports—hang gliding, skydiving, scuba diving—and raising two teen daughters.

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What to DO to GET Referrals: When To Talk About What

The busy season for real estate is typically from March to September. This is the typical home buying season, with the Summer being the most likely time for closings (especially for buyers with kids…out of school). Typical contracts allow for 4 key deadlines 1. Inspection, 2. Appraisal, 3. Financing, 4. Closing date. If each of these items is completed in the allotted timeframe, the client’s earnest money is protected. Certain loan programs or other requirements may cause the dates listed in the contract to be unrealistic. Communication to all parties regarding the turn times and progress toward these key deadlines is a very important part of protecting my clients and their earnest money. This can be a big balancing act when volume is high. Constant, daily check ins with my assistant is the best way I’ve found to keep everyone on task and to keep loans closing on time.

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Surprises are for birthday parties. My clients want clear expectations up front, without having multiple requests along the way. Moving is hot and sweaty work. Getting a mortgage can be smooth and easy.

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