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I have lived in the Atlanta area since 1989. I am married to Shannon and have two great kids, Tucker and Allie.

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What to DO to GET Referrals: Element: Initiative | Topic: Participation – Appropriate Referrals

Being in IT, we handle a broad range of issues for our clients. From simple email fixes, to complicated server installations and email migrations. I would classify our services into 3 categories, 1 off repairs, Maintenance, and Projects. I base On base, Home Run, and Grand Slam on dollar amount with On Base being smaller dollar amount and Grand Slam being larger dollar amount.
1 off repairs – these are typically the on base
– First time client
– Reactive to situations
– Prefer PC to Mac
– Always want an estimate of cost
– Have more than one computer(can’t let go of old computers)
HOme Run – Maintenance – typically Home Run, but some are Grand Slams due to monthly amount and how long they have been using our services.
– Run successful businesses
– Don’t mow their own lawn
– Like nice things – cars, homes etc.
– Don’t care about details, just want results
– Proactive in all aspects of their lives
Grand Slam
– Want things to work and have the “you get what you pay for” mentality
– Want speed and performance from computer systems
– Make decisions quickly
– Don’t care about details, just want results
– Early adopter on technology – prefer iphone to android

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Company Profile

We are the IT department for small businesses. We provide Network Administration and consulting services. Law firms are ideal clients for us as we are familiar with all the major practice management software.

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    First Aid Computer Services, Inc.
  • 532 Sterling Water Dr.
  • Monroe, GA
  • 30655
  • Phone: 404-510-6043
  • Website: http://www.firstaidcomputers.com
  • Fax: 770-554-5152

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