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I am a member of multiple professional organizations, e.g., various attorney Bar organizations (e.g., Georgia Bar, American Bar, North Fulton Bar, Atlanta Bar); the National Employment Lawyers Association; the Rotary Club of Johns Creek-North Fulton, the Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce; the City of Milton Ethics Panel; the Forsyth County Ethics Panel, the Board of the Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra, the University of Virgina Law Alumni Association, and, of course, the North Fulton PowerCore Team.

Being a part of multiple organizations allows me to meet a number of different kinds of people. As a result of meeting all these people, talking about my business, and letting them get to know me while I get to know them, I have become much better known in the community at large. Consequently, when the friends, colleagues, neighbors and family of my professional colleagues express their need for help in a work-related area, my many professional colleagues now know someone who can help them–me! Likewise, I am able to refer my clients and other people I know to my colleagues in these professional organizations, and thereby become more valuable to those clients and others, as well as to my professional colleagues. I now receive referrals from people I do not know from around the state, and I have no doubt it is because one of my professional colleagues told a friend, who told another friend, who told a client, who had a family member, who knew someone who needed help in the employment law arena. Word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool, and it seems the more people I get to know as friends and colleagues, the more business comes my way.

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