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I am an employment lawyer who represents both employers and employees, but have received in my practice quite a number of employee clients who have recently been fired.As I explain available options to this type of client, the first thing I usually see is a sense of great relief and hope. They are usually relieved that there actually are options, and that someone who knows the law is going to go to battle for them. As the great majority of my cases are settled, my clients experience a different kind of relief, hope and happiness at the end of a case, because they have usually received enough money to live indoors and eat for a while as they look for another job, and they have beneficial non-monetary terms in their settlement agreements that enable them to have confidence that their former employer will not say bad things about them. Rather, there will be a specific process in place if a potential employer calls, and my client will have the increased confidence of knowing exactly what his/her former employer will say when contacted. This is often a great relief, and is a very valuable term to obtain in a settlement agreement. It also allows them to interview with more positively–with more self-respect (despite the devastation of getting fired), more confidence and less fear about the future.

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Employment Lawyer. Please see

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