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What to DO to GET Referrals: Element: Action | Topic: Credibility – Time

When someone gets to a point that he or she needs to call a lawyer, s/he wants to talk to someone NOW! We have receptionists available all day long (9:00 to 6:00) to answer the phone immediately and obtain basic information about the person’s problem. The receptionsts promptly provide the information gathered to me and our Legal Assistant, who, if at all possible, promptly calls the potential client back to obtain and provide additional information and see if the potential client would like to schedule an appointment. Out legal assistant makes every effort to call back clients and potential clients immediately the same day, but in no event later than 24 hours after their initial call. My Legal Assistant then makes a mutually convenient appointment for the client to meet with me, so we can sit down and discuss face to face the details of their legal problem and possible ways to resolve it. This initial consultation usually lasts from 60 to 90 minutes, sometimes a little longer if necessary. During this meeting, I listen carefully to the problem at hand, and discuss with the client their options, and how we can assist in resolving the matter. If they wish to move forward with retaining us to handle their legal issue, we send them usually within a day or two of the initial consultation an engagement agreement that details our fee arrangement and other terms of our working together. Once that agreement is signed and returned to us, we proceed to gather facts and take agreed upon steps to commence the dispute resolution process.

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