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What to DO to GET Referrals: FeedForward Cards – Information

I guess as I lawyer, I have to say I feel like nothing surprises me. I really can’t say I have been surprised by anything I received on a feed forward card, but I was surprised by a conversation with a very smart and thoughtful PowerCore member who listens intently to my 7-Min presentations. She had heard my discussions of “protected classes” and, based on that information, she told me that she chose not to fire someone in her business that she believed was in a protected class (Female well over age 50), even though it sounded like this employee really needed to be fired. When I heard that, I asked her how many employees were in her firm. When she told me the number (under 15), I explained that the protected class designation and the related discrimination law only applies to firms where there are 15 or more employees. Her firm was not covered because it had fewer than 15, so she could fire this female over-50 employee without fear of facing a legitimate federal discrimination claim. Although I had stated the business size requirements on other 7-Minute presentation occasions, it became obvious that I needed to emphasize in future 7-minutes that these presentations are not legal advice and can’t possibly include everything one should consider in making a decision about employees. Bottom line: before making a decision based on your understanding of employment law from PowerCore presentations, please ask me, or another lawyer that knows employment law. There could be some key information helpful or harmful to your case that either you can’t know in just 7-minute presentations, or which was disclosed in 7-Minute presentations before your time, or when you happened to be out. I am here to help, so welcome questions about any particular case.

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