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What to SAY to GET Referrals: New Client

What do new clients want to know before they decide
to do business with you?

Clients usually want to know that I am knowledgeable in the area of law helpful to them. Generally, they have already looked at my credentials on my website and other places on the web, and know I have extensive education and experience. As we talk in our initial consultation, they typically understand more of how my education and background helps their case, as I am able to answer their questions and give them options for their particular circumstances. They also, of course, want to know how much my legal services will cost. As an hourly attorney, I unfortunately cannot give them an exact figure, but I tell them my hourly rate, what kinds of things affect the number of hours I have to spend, an estimated range of fees in a typical case like theirs, and an estimate of how much it could cost to go to trial.

How long do they take, as a general rule, to evaluate
and decide?

Usually, when a person needs an employment lawyer, s/he needs one right now! My clients typically decide to hire me during our initial consultation. Many have researched me online before we meet and know that their circumstances likely require prompt action.

When you get an introduction that takes more than a
year to turn into a client, what is the delay about?

It is rare that there is a year delay between an introduction and hiring me as a client. This normally would happen only if the client meets me at a time he does not have a legal problem, or at least not a clear legal problem, but then a year later the client’s circumstances blossom into a full blown legal problem. For example, a potential client might consult me if he thinks his employer is thinking about firing him, but not hire me to represent him in negotiations with his employer until a year later when his employer actually fires him.

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