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I retired from the US Army Reserves with 34 years service. Graduated from University of West Georgia with Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. Enjoy spending time with my family, grand-children, sports,and gardening.

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Is it something coming, on the horizon, that will be a game changer?

General Motors (GM) introduced the self-driving car without a steering wheel in 2018. They also are introducing requirements and regulations that will allow the cost of software and auto insurance to be included in the price of the car. The problem of “distracted driving” caused by cell phones will be eliminated. The problems of “Uber driver” will be solved. The at-fault accident, not your problem. In other words, the advancement of more smart technology is the perceived solution and self-driving cars is just one of the examples on the new horizon. This technology will be a game changer for the auto insurance industry and will attract a generation of driver’s that rely on technology to handle many of the daily activities we have become accustomed.

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One of the largest and strongest diversified insurance and financial services organization in the country. Nationwide is a Fortune 100 company with $195.2 billion in assets. Provide a full range of insurance and financial services.

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