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I knoll obsessively. To knoll (verb): the process of arranging related objects in parallel or 90-degree angles as a method of organization. This correlation of content is the heart & soul of online marketing, and I’m smitten.

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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Element: Behavior | Topic: Green = WHO + HOW -Tone of Voice

Our best prospects in the web design + marketing world of Classic City Consulting:

Have a professional, knowledgeable tone – they use some industry jargon that shows they’ve done their research; could include words like SEO, CSS, HMTL, Java(Script), WordPress, content management, (mobile) responsiveness), application development, etc.

Keep a busy schedule, so interactions are brief – they send an email stating their request clearly or ask for a 15 min phone call to share their story; they’re usually fully booked with meetings and appointments, so they get straight to the point right away

Greet simply “Hello Jessica” and sign off with a custom email signature – I can find their job title, cell number, office address, website, and logo below their name; they like to get in touch a variety of ways to progress the conversation.

Choose to work with people they LIKE – they’re looking for a company that “gets them” and does business with similar values of friendliness, family, and efficiency.

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Company Profile

We are digital draftsmen for your online space. We build websites, optimize searches, advertise on social sites, and generate content for your business to reach your tribe.

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    Classic City Consulting
  • 910 Athens Highway
  • Suite 187K
  • Loganville, GA
  • 30052
  • Phone: 404-432-9335
  • Website:

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