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A formerly obese diabetic. I learned how to use nutrition to reverse my diabetes, PCOS, rosacea, and plantar fasciitis. I now coach others how to do the same. I also coach dragon boat paddling teams.

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Mark A Straight Line: Contrast

My business of health and wellness coaching requires me to work with my clients from a holistic point of view. Their (primary foods) physical activity, career, relationships, and connection to the universe matter just as much as (secondary foods) what they put on their dinner plate. When something in a client’s primary foods becomes a source of stress, then all the broccoli in the world won’t help very much. I can easily draw a contrasting chalk line to most people at my table, since they are in the business of solving specific problems that come up in life. My clients engage me because they are up against a big life transition and they need guidance and support from me. When my clients’ needs exceed my scope of practice, I have a solid group of team members at my table who I can refer my clients to for more specialized assistance. I was especially glad, recently, to have Megan Byrom available for me to refer an older gentleman to for the kind of Medicare insurance help that she excels at, and that I knew would help him work better with me in the future.

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I support people in their wellness journeys by using the mind/body connection paired with a low-carb and ketogenic lifestyle.

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    Momentum Wellness, LLC
  • 21 Eastbrook Bend
  • Suite 220-B
  • Peachtree City, GA
  • 30269
  • Phone: 770-727-5800
  • Website:

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