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A formerly obese diabetic. I learned how to use nutrition to reverse my diabetes, PCOS, rosacea, and plantar fasciitis. I now coach others how to do the same. I also coach dragon boat paddling teams.

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The Low Carb and Ketogenic diets are being featured more and more in the mainstream media. This is a huge growth in knowledge versus when I researched and chose to implement this lifestyle myself 16 years ago in order to reverse my T2 Diabetes, and PCOS….with the happy side effect of losing 65 extra pounds and keeping it off for over 10 years.

There is no better time than now to have an experienced Keto Coach like me to help you wade through all the conflicting information about the Keto Lifestyle and experience your best health in the shorter amount of time.

You can listen to me being interviewed on the Keto Woman podcast here:

You can also read an interview I did on Diet Doctor about PCOS here:

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I support people in their wellness journeys by using the mind/body connection paired with a low-carb and ketogenic lifestyle.

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