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I see brand people. Brands as people who do things that are in character, or out of character — in the right neighborhood, or not. Once I see them I can define actions that suit the business and its customers.

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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Element: Introduction | Topic: GateOpeners – When it’s you

I am a GateOpener for graphic designers. The designers I work with most love the art of design but don’t have an interest in developing brand and target audience personas – they want that already done. They enjoy having me in place to develop the creative brief and set them on the right track. They get work finished faster with fewer revisions when I’m in the mix.

Web developers are good GateOpeners for me. True developers want to write tight code and optimize response for a website or web app. They aren’t interested in revising pages over and over again because the client thinks of something new every time they review it. I wireframe every page first, so the client gets the chance to think of things – especially things that affect workflow – before the first line of code is written. That lets the developer provide a more accurate cost estimate and drastically reduces the revisions.

Jill Pullen

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We work best with business owners who believe in taking action with their marketing and measuring results. They want a clear, reasoned recommendation on what to do and a plan to get them there.

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  • 315 W Ponce de Leon Ave Ste 725
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  • Website: http://www.excelovation.com

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