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I love anything outdoors.Camping, hunting, deep sea fishing, water/snow skiing. Grilling on the back deck with lots of family around is one my favorite past times.

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  • Phone: 404-307-6838
  • Team: Roswell West
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What to DO to GET Referrals: Element: Credibility | Topic: Leadership – Good

In construction the working environment is constantly changing. Strong communication lines with all the trades and the client is the key to success. Daily updates on current progress, tomorrow’s activities and forecasting the schedule for the next few weeks keeps the client engaged and up to speed. The PCO has similar duties as he/she schedules the meeting activities (7 Minute Presentations, Introducers, Workshops, etc.) Many times the schedule changes at the last minute when a team member gets a substitute. The PCO is also responsible for communicating with the entire team on a weekly basis by distributing the meeting agenda.

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We take pride in making your home or business into the vision you have in your dreams. It is one of your biggest investments and it deserves careful attention to detail. Setting the right expectation from the beginning is our goal.

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