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I moved to green, warm, and friendly Atlanta in 2008 from a cozy blanket of fog, in scenic San Francisco. Sparkling is my favorite in all things – glass, color, rocks, jewelry, mimosas, wit and the company of friends and family.

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Some of my clients no longer wait until they are in pain before they decide to come to get a massage. They come in regularly and regularly is once a month or more. Here are some previous steps before they type massage and a zip code in an internet search or check their nextdoor app or yelp or their friends for a massage therapist recommendation. They might see a doctor or acupuncturist or physical therapist or chiropractor for low back, mid back or neck pain; They might complain to their neighbor that they can’t move their neck or their arm as far as they once could; They might start cancelling plans to attend an event because they are stressed out about being stressed out and they think staring at the ceiling might help. Getting a massage helps reduce stress, decrease anxiety, lessen pain and it feels like a treat. It’s great when something feels decadent but is good for us!

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Amber light, high thread count linens & aromatherapy welcome my clients to a world where pain is replaced by relaxation. My nurturing and calming approach to stress reduction & pain management massage renew the mind, spirit & muscles.

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