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As an Avatar Master for 12 years, I have explored this adventure we call life as well as help others do the same. Ready to rekindle or rediscover those things that make you heart sing? Connect with about The Avatar Course now.

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  • Introduced by Dr. J. Kate Wetterlin, DC
  • Joined on 02/19/2015

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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Platinum Card – The Kindling Question

It can start as an uncomfortable feel or feeling full blown stucknow. They don’t what’s going on or the how of where to go next. Usually we try what we know or lots of what we know and it’s not quiet working. They know the don’t want to abandon their goal or give up,but they are frustrated. The Avatar tools help people get their creative MOJO back without only providing one solutuon. They come to me for the desire to do or be something better, more, different and we embark on the journey together. They sky is the limit within their consciousness

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An accelerated and effective self-awakening, personal development training. If you want to improve or change things at a personal level, ultimately it gets solved from exploring and changing the beliefs at a consciousness level.

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