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Started practicing law in 2003
Started PowerCore in 2004
Leadership stars in PowerCore: 7

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Vice President & President of Metro Fayette Kiwanis; Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, & President of the Fayette Bar Assn

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  • Introduced by Bill Vosecky
  • Joined on 03/24/2004

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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Element: Facts | Topic: InfoMinutes – New Useable Valuable

In law, there are constantly major changes. Fortunately, major changes come with a lot of publicity. It is the minor changes that require vigilance to track, which is why we have expansive legal research that we pay to have available. From the standard statutes and caselaw to extensive treatises, my firm pays for and I keep up with a constant flood of minor changes, in addition to the large ones.

These minor changes can have a huge difference, however. As an example, a technical rule is in place that prevents someone from having a hearing in family law if they did not provide a financial affidavit at least five days prior to a hearing. This prevents surprise tactics, and I was able to use this to prevent a hearing in a modification of a divorce. The hearing did eventually happen, but it gave me time to subpoena records to prove that the information provided in a financial affidavit the afternoon before the hearing was false information. Not knowing this small rule would have meant that my client would have been harmed, but knowing it allowed me to shine for my client.

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    John B Miller, Attorney
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  • Phone: 770-863-8355

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