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Started practicing law in 2003
Started PowerCore in 2004
Leadership stars in PowerCore: 7

Other positions:
Vice President & President of Metro Fayette Kiwanis; Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, & President of the Fayette Bar Assn

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  • Phone: 770-863-8355
  • Team: Peachtree City
  • Introduced by Bill Vosecky
  • Joined on 03/24/2004

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Mark A Straight Line: Contrast

Legal and tax questions are often two sides of the same coin. Much of my advice gives a client the picture of what is best for them in the way of liability prevention and/or asset protection. However, there are often tax ramifications for those clients. Just as a CPA should not answer legal questions, an attorney should not prepare a tax plan. It is the same issue, but the client needs two colors of chalk. It is for that reason that I am happy to refer those clients to Tricia Davis of my team. Not only is she prompt and attentive, but she can get the right answer in record time. Because she is so focused on detail, it makes my life easier when she is handling the financial side of a client’s life.

It is precisely because of the contrast of financial and legal that a client will need advice on both issues before making a legal decision. It is because Tricia does such a thorough job that she has my trust when those issues arise.

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    John B Miller, Attorney
  • P.O. Box 73376
  • Newnan, GA
  • 30271
  • Phone: 770-863-8355

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