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Certified Coach and Consultant. She has an innate ability to pinpoint the root cause of success blockage. Creative thinking along with years of experience lend itself to her finding ways to quickly break through glass ceilings to success.

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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Element: Facts | Topic: InfoMinutes – Myth buster

A commonly held belief in my industry is that our method of assisting people improve their quality of life is better than traditional therapy. The more educated I become the more I challenge the status quo. Why does one thing have to be better than the other. Either can be the best solution depending on the individual and the nature of the situation. It’s just like saying a screwdriver is better than a hammer. They are both valuable tools. The best one depends on what is needed. What I did and continue to do to refine my knowledge is talk to other professionals who also specialize in helping people bring out the best in themselves and find out what tools they use. Many times we can work together and see greater results than we might see if only one of us worked with the client. It is more realistic to work in a synergistic fashion than to think one branch of therapy has all the answers for everyone.

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Company Profile

We provide clients with everything needed to rapidly create success by facilitating the removal of obstacles and the installation of motivational tools so they can attain higher levels of achievement than they ever dreamed possible.

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    BreakThru Transformational Services
  • 5925 Princess Lane
  • Peachtree Corners, GA
  • 30092
  • Phone: 404-226-4032
  • Website: http://breakthrutransform.com

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