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I have been practicing Residential Real Estate for over 13 years. I obtained my JD from Mercer University (Walter F George) School of Law in 2001; and my BA from University of Georgia in 1998.

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Customer Service and flexibility are two key components to being a Real Estate closing attorney. I always try to make myself available for my clients. Not only is my paralegal at their service, but they can easily get in touch with me personally. This is a huge bonus for my clients as they do not want to bounce around from department to department trying to get answers.

Real estate closings can shift quickly for a myriad of reasons. Although managing the closing calendar can be hectic & challenging at times, I have to have the ability to be flexible and roll with the changes the best I can so that I do what I can to get the transaction closed.

The Participation Coordinator must have these traits — be available for the Team and also be able to juggle the speaker calendar and handle impromptu changes.

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    Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins, LLP
  • One Premier Plaza, Suite 900
  • 5605 Glenridge Drive NE
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30342
  • Phone: 404-256-7405
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