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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Element: Introduction | Topic: GateOpeners – All about one

Mary’s company performs background checks for other companies across the country. Their largest client hires 1,000’s of workers for the holidays and they are quickly approaching. Mary also has her regular clients who are always in need as well. Mary needs more staff. Mary likes to put her seasoned people on the largest client and hire temporary staff to help answer calls from her other clients asking about the status of a person’s background check or from upset people whose background check didn’t clear. She needs detailed people who can look and realize the person didn’t clear because of a case of mistaken identity or such.

Mary called Ultimate Staffing and we looked for people with a criminal justice background (schooling or experience) and brought them in for interviews. After going through 40, we weeded it down to 12, the number of new folks Mary needed. We had a few on the back burner in case one or two didn’t work out, which they did and we immediately had someone new ready to go. Mary got them in early to do some training before the “season” got busy and is now fully staffed for the holidays.

A gate opener would feel confident introducing us to someone who needs to ramp up during this time of year and feel confident we will remedy a situation quickly if someone or something doesn’t work out.

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