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I have had experience at all levels of success. I left a career as the VP of Operations for an $8 Billion company to chase my passions instead of just a title. Now I’m living the life I want to and LOVE my photography business.

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Small businesses that are rebuilding their website is my favorite client. They can first identify the need to change because of moving to a new office, new staff that needs a headshot for the website, or something big like Ponce City Market opens up close by and they want to capitalize on the new found notoriety. Once the need is felt, they usually don’t act right away. I think the notion has to hit them a couple of times before they act. They don’t always associate new marketing fodder/profile portrait with the new website, but that’s the time they will get the most excited about new photos documenting their office and employees. I have gotten jobs because I see someone is reconstructing their website, and I broach the subject. Some never even thought about it before then.

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I specialize in capturing personalities in photos. I’m not magic, I get a feel for each client before their shoot. This helps me to identify with my client, and that’s what translates into the shot!

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    Lee Vann Photography
  • Lee Vann Photography
  • 560 Dutch Valley Road NE #304
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30324
  • Phone: 770-843-9593
  • Website: http://www.leevannphotography.com/

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