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“Mary Kay Consultant” is just one aspect of my fulfilling life. I’m a wife/Mom/Mimi to 3 adult daughters and a grandson. Our empty nest has a dog & 2 cats. Ken & I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and annual family vacations with the Loud Crowd.

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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Element: Accountability | Topic: Documentation – Records

In Mary Kay we say: “A tracked number grows.” One thing I track is my wholesale purchases: 12 months ago the company introduced the Embracelet Program. Every consultant who purchases at least $600 wholesale each month gets a bracelet. Actually I average around $1000 each month and have earned all 12 bracelets plus a bonus bracelet. But lest you think that I’m the Queen of Purchasing, I also track my retail sales so that I can rightfully claim my Unit Queen of Sales title year after year! My sales total is related to the kind of tracking that benefits my clients. I document what products they use so that I can anticipate what new products might be of interest and benefit to them. I also track how frequently they purchase them so that when they are getting close to “time to buy more” I help them avoid Mary Kay Emergencies. I try to maintain consistent enough contact through mailings, text messages and phone calls that I’m top of mind when they are scraping the last of their foundation out of the tube with a Q-tip! Linda Loud, Mary Kay Consultant 404-931-8620

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My best client has WTBS: Way Too Busy Syndrome. She fulfills multiple roles as wife, mother and valued employee. She understands the need for great skin care products and values the professional edge she gets from wearing cosmetics.

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