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“Mary Kay Consultant” is just one aspect of my fulfilling life. I’m a wife/Mom/Mimi to 3 adult daughters and a grandson. Our empty nest has a dog & 2 cats. Ken & I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and annual family vacations with the Loud Crowd.

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My best Mary Kay client is Phyllis K. I first facialed her over 10 years ago, but she had been using Mary Kay products since she was 17. She will be 73 in December but she definitely does NOT look her age! My first appointment with her and her friend Paula lasted about 90 minutes, but now when I go to visit her to deliver reorders and show her what’s new and improved from Mary Kay, I usually allow about an hour. We have to have time to chat and catch up on each other’s lives. She’s a friend… not just a customer who I go up to and say “here’s your stuff, give me some money”! Because Phyllis has been such a loyal Mary Kay client, she is a beautiful walking advertisement for our products and one of the nicest people I know.

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My best client has WTBS: Way Too Busy Syndrome. She fulfills multiple roles as wife, mother and valued employee. She understands the need for great skin care products and values the professional edge she gets from wearing cosmetics.

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