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I try to educate all my clients or office managers in some cases with there various Technologies. By doing so they are more knowledgeable with their devices, so i have less service calls about trivial issues or user errors.

Most recent, I have a medical office where the office manager called me an told me that she will need a new data cable for her receptionist pc. So i asked her why, she told me the receptionist was complaining about not able to go to a website. She checked from her pc if she could access the site (which she could), she checked another website from the receptionists pc and it did not come up either. so she then walked to rear of the receptionist desk and notice the data cable disconnected and lying on the floor. It look like it was ran over by the janitorial service the night before.

when she told me that i was very impressed and relieved because i did not have to stop what i was doing to run over there.

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Company Profile

Southeast Computers offer a variety of Sales and Services for PC’s & Mac’s. We cater to both business and residential clients. Some services includes wireless network set-up, troubleshooting, hardware upgrades,repairs, and virus removal.

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