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I have a small business client that’s now happy that all their computers do not have any pop-ups, viruses and malware. Over a year ago this client contacted me to do virus removal on two of their PC’s, then 2 weeks later 3 more of their pc’s need virus removal. After doing a review of their IT infrastructure, we found out that they had anti-virus but they did not have a firewall (Unified Threat Management) installed on their network. By drilling deeper we also found that employees were going to inappropriate websites on the computers , which caused all the malware and pop-ups. We then install a firewall and modified the content filtering on the local network, by doing so we blocked all inappropriate websites and contents from entering their network.

If you’re a Business owner or office manager and your staff is complaining about pop-ups or viruses on their computers. We can probably help, even if they have anti-virus on their computers.

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Company Profile

Southeast Computers offer a variety of Sales and Services for PC’s & Mac’s. We cater to both business and residential clients. Some services includes wireless network set-up, troubleshooting, hardware upgrades,repairs, and virus removal.

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