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At 14 mths I had my 1st adventure! My family immigrated from Cuba. My parents worked 2 jobs each to sponsor 13 relatives. This taught me responsibility, courage and perseverance. I have 2 amazing kids, 1 dog “Boss” and love the beach!

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What to SAY to GET Referrals: The Green Card = WHO + HOW -Work

As a business coach I specialize in working with new & expanding service-based solopreneurs. The things that my team members will see from a prospective client are the following;
If you have just met them;
• New business card
• New company brochure with their services
• Lots of excitement around launching their new business
If you have a close connection with them;
• Overwhelm about all the things there are to do to make money and find clients.
• You will sense some frustration and stress from all the decisions they need to make.
• They are all over the place trying to do everything they hear will work.

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Company Profile

My clients are risk takers-they started a business. And achievers-they want to grow it. Now they are seeking shortcuts: success formulas, accountability partners and a 2-week vacation. My program gives them the tools they need to soar!

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