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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Element: Magnetism | Topic: Commander’s Intent – Why is that Important?

When talking about mortgage lending, one of the most common clichés or misconceptions is that you have to have at least 20% down and many people can not qualify. Michael Anthony has done a tremendous job in demonstrating to us that he can work with a vast array of people from first time homebuyers to retirees with limited income. His clients want to be assured that they can, in fact, afford to buy a home and get qualified quickly and easily. Not only can Michael do this but he and his team will hold their clients hand through the entire process from loan application to closing; making sure that the entire process is transparent and seamless as possible. Many people start the home buying process with lots of questions and doubts but Michael and his team have the ability to put their clients minds at ease and help them achieve their dream of homeownership.

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