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Debbie and I have been married for 38 years. We have 2 sons, Matthew & Joshua and our dog, Fred. My goal is to leave this world a better place because I was here. In the end, our relationships create the legacy that is remembered about us.

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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Element: Facts | Topic: InfoMinutes – Logical Left Brain

I really have three industry categories to keep up with. They are the SendOutCards company, the Network Marketing Industry and the topic of relationship/appreciation marketing.

1) SendOutCards: SOC makes it easy for its distributors like myself to keep up with what’s going on in the company. They range from telephone calls, weekly or monthly meetings, regional events and our annual convention. On a weekly basis, the company has a 30-minute Eagle Challenge call on Monday nights. In addition, team leaders have weekly calls on different nights of the week that are not only for the leader’s team but also open to any SOC distributor to listen to. In Atlanta, we have Zoom meetings, group meetings and informal “coffee and cards” get togethers. We also have regional meetings in Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee. Our annual international annual convention brings SOC distributors from all over the world hear presentations by the CEO and company executives and leaders, honor those that promote to higher positions and tour the SOC Production facility where the cards are printed, stuffed into envelopes, stamped and bundled for mailing.

2) I also either attend in person or view online workshops and webinars presented by Network Marketing leaders and organizations devoted to the industry. I am a member of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP), whose purpose is to serve, the network marketing profession, and all those professionals who serve and advocate for the network marketing community.

3) SendOutCards is on a mission to educate business owners about the value and importance of relationship/appreciation marketing. Learning the best practices of different industries is important to helping my clients earn the greatest ROI on their SOC subscription. To do this, I gather information and participate in training external to what’s provided by SOC and read different blogs and articles about the subject to develop my expertise.

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Company Profile

We will be remembered for the relationships we made in our business & personal lives. For over a decade, I’ve used SendOutCards to grow & maintain my relationships. My best clients use SOC for relationship marketing to build & grow theirs

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    The Renaissance Communication Group - SendOutCards
  • 9270 Stonemist Trace
  • Roswell, GA
  • 30076
  • Phone: 770-998-4769
  • Website:

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