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I remember my dad opening all the windows at night and telling the 5 kids that the big box fan in the hall was the best way to cool off the house.
Note to Dad, there’s a better way! I love Central AC, and taking care of my customers!!

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Better Together: And Pressure

In some instances when a customer has an HVAC issue such as a leak in the refrigerant lines, we advise them to sit still/take a wait and see approach (especially when they have other priorities than the HVAC system). Sometimes the system holds out for another year or two with little need for further repairs, which helps our customer to plan for the expense down the road.

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I won’t send anyone to your home that I wouldn’t invite into mine. My best clients want a trustworthy technician who explains exactly what is wrong with their HVAC. We only charge $75 for this diagnostic service.

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