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30 years in corporate America prepared me for a small business opportunity in the Portable Storage business. When I am not helping customers,I’ll be spending time with my bride of 33 years, our grandkids Maggie & Ward,or at the golf course


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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Endorsement Letters – Story

While we all covet great Google & Yelp Reviews, the Power Core Endorsement letter is one of the most powerful tools within our network. It represents people in relationship & sharing their story as to why someone would want to use their product or services. I forwarded an endorsement letter for Tommy Schlosser to my next door neighbor who is an elderly widow, and needed to shop her insurance needs. Tommy went out of his way to help her & guide her to find the best solution for her needs.

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SmartBox is the affordable & efficient solution to all of your moving & storage needs. Touch it once when you pack & the touch it again when you unpack!

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