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30 years in corporate America prepared me for a small business opportunity in the Portable Storage business. When I am not helping customers,I’ll be spending time with my bride of 33 years, our grandkids Maggie & Ward,or at the golf course


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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Element: Magnetism | Topic: Commander’s Intent – How Do They Know?

#1 question for me is: How big is the box? What they are really trying to determine, is how much stuff can I fit in one SmartBox. This will enable them to determine how many boxes they need to pack up their belongings.

What they really need to understand is they only pay for what they use, so if they get an extra box & don’t use it, I will credit their account for the month, This enables them to save on additional delivery fees, and not have to stress over packing as they will have the necessary space.

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SmartBox is the affordable & efficient solution to all of your moving & storage needs. Touch it once when you pack & the touch it again when you unpack!

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