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I am a wife, mother, and nature-lover. Being outdoors is my personal therapy. I became a therapist to put all my life experiences to work to help others: and I learn from my clients each day. It is an honor to work with my clients.

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My best client is a man who has come in nearly every week for almost a year. He is the best client for multiple reasons. His is on-going business ($). He is also always respectful of my time (arriving and leaving on time and giving me ample notice in case he has to cancel, or paying if he gives me less than 24 hours notice). I enjoy working with him because he is “digging deep” to figure out what is going on with himself. He challenges me in a good way: I have to work to keep up with him intellectually (or just ask him to teach me about a topic!) Finally,because, to be honest, I really dreaded working with him due his temper. That is now under control and I look forward to seeing him.

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