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“Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about puppies.” When I am not learning the steps to the newest dance craze, I am snuggled up with my mini-husky, Pharoah, binge watching our favorite television shows or trilogy films.

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Fit: Time

One of my best clients is a telecommunications company. Originally, I would spend at least an hour discussing the first initial projects with the client. The hour was spent learning about the client, its employees, company culture, and employment law needs. Now that the relationship has developed, I only receive emails like: “Need assistance on the below. Send a new engagement letter; need this in 3 weeks.” This is great. I know the client’s expectations and do not need to spend an hour or more learning about their company and their needs. I get right to work! This client is one of my favorites because they are so confident in my work product that they simply ask and know I will deliver!

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ELS offers a suite of employment law services for business clients including advice and counseling, representation in litigation & agency matters, trainings, workplace investigations, drafting & review of employment policies & agreements.

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    The Employment Law Solution: McFadden Davis, LLC
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