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It is rather intuitive that in my industry, the amount of revenue generated tends to dictate which box to check as to On Base, Home Run, or Grand Slam. Taken on an individual transaction basis, revenue generated is the easy measurement, but the Financial Services industry has changed significantly in the recent 2-3 decades. We see much more fee based revenue generation which is not transactional based. Thus, the measurement is more related to the size of the investments and the length of time the advisor manages the assets. As an advisor, I have moved away from the simple transaction platform to one that is more fee based and longer term in implementation.

Several observable characteristics are what I call “money in motion.” This refers to the investment needs of someone who has retired, been fired, moved to a different employer, had a family member leave an inheritance, received a significant court settlement, or has received some sort of lump sum of money. In each of these cases there is money that needs to be properly managed and invested, whether it be a 401k rollover, an IRA rollover, money from Grandma, or having a really good attorney. The almost immediate need to do something is present in all the “money in motion” events.

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