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In marketing everything is about being ahead of the curve. Even so, I really didn’t expect AR (Augmented Reality) to take off the way it has.

Pokemon Go really set the bar for how marketers could use AR, and most agencies (mine included) simply didn’t see it coming.

Even with that spike, it didn’t feel like AR was in a place to be usable by companies in any ongoing sense. But the technology is advancing so fast that it will soon be mainstream, presenting a major opportunity for marketing companies.

As to whether it will change my direction is irrelevant to how my company operates. We (like most marketing companies) are forced to adapt every day in order to maintain a competitive edge, so this is just another tool to be picked up on a never-ending journey. (Even if it is one I am excited to play with!)

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Word-of-Mouth has evolved and so has business marketing. We are a Digital Marketing Consulting Agency with a hands-on approach and personal touch.

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    Unforgettable Reputation LLC
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