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I am celebrating 9 years as an independent business. 2014 was my greatest year ever. Other personal items…
– like to hike
– like to bike
– spent the summer on Carter’s lake ‘tooning, fishing, camping and enjoying the water.

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In all cases (intor, profile, etc.) what I wnat prospects to know is they get thorough, professional service that is a great value. That does not mean cheap but rather good return for the $ the pay. Recently I did two inspections for a client. the first was a mhome she was selling. When she found a home to buy, she told me “The reason I chose you for my inspection was due to the great job you did on my pre home inspection for the house I am selling. I felt that if there were any issues at my new townhouse I trusted that you would uncover those issues for me and reduce my risk at purchasing the property.” Then I did the inspection on the townhouse she was buying. Among the issues I listed was a potetnially faulty electrical panel. She told me late: “Had it checked by electrician and the panel was faulty and had to be replaced. Thank you for catching that one. Cost $1700 to the seller.” That alone was ROI on the inspection fee any times over and a priceless increase in the safety of the home.

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We provide return on investment to home buyers. Our clients often tell us that our findings allow them to negotiate value on the purchase well above the inspection fee they pay us. That is real and tangible ROI!!!

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  • 925B Peachtree Street NE
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