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After 30 years in TX, Hello, GA! We felt at home here immediately. Faith, old school values, and perseverance are deep-rooted. Married to my high school sweetheart 45 years, and love living here to be the goofy influence on our grandsons!

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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Element: Facts | Topic: InfoMinutes – New Useable Valuable

In the natural gas industry, because of the deregulation, individuals and business owners have a choice in selecting their energy consultant/marketer. The bottom line decision is just that: The bottom line and savings. In addition to providing our clients with some of the lowest rates in the marketplace, we also give them the benefit of saving an additional 25% or 50% on their gas bill, each and every month. Some are even getting their gas for free. When they’re ecstatic over the savings on this ‘gotta pay bill’, ranging anywhere from a few dollars a month to 50%, we ask them for referrals. As those referrals convert to clients, we thank them by reducing their monthly natural gas bills even more, sometimes wiping it out completely. It is indeed a wonderful snowball effect, that no other energy company provides. Rory Williams, Stream Energy; and I have gas!

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Busy restaurant owners hire me to increase their cash flow. I help them decrease operating expenses by saving them up to 50% on their natural gas bill, and do much the same for other business owners, churches, and homeowners.

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