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Certified Master Gardener

When I traded my designer heels
for muddy boots, I started to have fun. I am a life long learner and in constant motion to reach my goals.

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  • Phone: 404-286-4473
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  • Introduced by Nancy Thysell
  • Joined on 10/20/2017


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I begin establishing a relationship with clients with a phone call and a personal landscape consultation. I listen to learn their goals and then provide options, recommendations, and education. My goal is to grow a relationship with the client that will last for many years.

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  • Orientation
  • InfoMinute Seminar
  • GateOpener 101
  • Best Client Workshop
  • 7-Minute Workshop Presentation
  • Filling the Filing Cabinet

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Company Profile

My clients appreciate beauty over DIY. They want the romance of jasmine on the back patio without learning there’s a “true” jasmine, or the light and watering pattern it takes to keep it fragrant. They see home and breathe.

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    LBM Enterprises, LLC
  • 3514 Sweetgum Lane
  • Decatur, GA
  • 30032
  • Phone: 404-286-4473

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