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I’m a stickler for knowing my stuff before opening my mouth. I go down the rabbit hole learning all I can about a topic. Beyond programming, I’m a multi-instrumentalist producer, record label owner, vinyl collector, & coffee home-roaster.

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  • Phone: 404-455-8801
  • Team: Peachtree City
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Straight Rows Prepare for Harvest

One of my best clients is a rental management company. While I work directly with multiple people on their staff, my primary contact is the company president and decision-maker. He is always wheeling and dealing. Any given month, he may be in negotiation with a large distributor or manufacturer. Sealing these new deals often depends on my team quickly implementing new functionality for their complex system to make the new partnership possible. The company president was initially looking for a web development firm who could take over the project from a web designer who’s skill set didn’t meet the needs of the project. He was frustrated with the lack of progress and pushback on functionality requests. If asked “How are things going at work?” he would be likely to respond with frustration about his website. Be it a web designer over-reaching beyond their training, or an overseas firm who isn’t delivering quality work, I am able to get large, complicated projects like these on track with scalable application architecture completed efficiently by my experienced, local development team.

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Company Profile

My clients have experienced the admin cost of maintaining data solutions that don’t communicate with one another. With 20+ years of experience, I design cloud and mobile software to streamline their process and visualize opportunities.

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    The Websuasion Group LLC
  • 461 Sandy Creek Road
  • Suite 1132
  • Fayetteville, GA
  • 30214
  • Phone: 404-455-8801
  • Website: https://websuasion.com

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