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I’m a stickler for knowing my stuff before opening my mouth. I go down the rabbit hole and learn all I can about a topic. Beyond programming, I’m a multi-instrumentalist producer, label owner, lover of vinyl records and home-roast coffee.

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  • Phone: 404-455-8801
  • Team: Peachtree City
  • Introduced by Robert Roseberry
  • Joined on 06/20/2018

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Mark A Straight Line: Contrast

Often, clients don’t understand the contrast between web developers and website designers. As a web and mobile app developer, I focus on the architecture, programming, performance, and functionality of data systems that help businesses work at peak efficency. Web developers are essentially the technological variant of a Business Consultant, seeing that the business implements technology to achieve the goals of the business plan.

Web designers are a component of Marketing efforts, and therefore focus on driving desired lead opportunities to a client’s website and maximizing the conversion of those website visitors into paying customers. They focus heavily on marketing content that communicates clearly — derived from market research which reveals the client’s realistic goals and the pathway to achieving those goals.

This contrast makes is easy for me to refer clients who need a marketing strategy and marketing websites to fellow team member Jason Muldrow of Profit Now Solutions. While I focus on building tools to help the client to run their day-to-day business more efficiently, Jason can help the same client to ensure they are connecting with their ideal client prospects. We can easily work together to connect those efforts where needed. And I can feel confident that a team member who I see every week has the accountability and credibility to take care of my clients with the same level of attention that I do.

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Company Profile

My clients have experienced the admin cost of maintaining data solutions that don’t communicate with one another. With 20+ years of experience, I design cloud and mobile software to streamline their process and visualize opportunities.

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    The Websuasion Group LLC
  • 461 Sandy Creek Road
  • Suite 1132
  • Fayetteville, GA
  • 30214
  • Phone: 404-418-8909 Ext. 10
  • Website: https://websuasion.com

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