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Now on year 26 of his IT career, Sam provides Therapy for Computers, Networks, and their Owners.

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  • Phone: 770-262-6547
  • Team: Decatur
  • Introduced by Caroline Grant
  • Joined on 03/03/2007

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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Element: Introduction | Topic: GateOpeners – When it’s you

I am a gate opener for a web developer. I have several web developers I can refer to and given the variety of personalities and styles of product, I find it easiest to refer to two or three of them at a time as no web developer is the perfect fit for all clients. I would like referrals to Payroll Processors. They are great GateOpeners for me as they service small businesses of all sizes. It is important for them to know that I prefer phone communication over email or texting as it is FAR MORE EFFICIENT when resolving problems, answering questions, or scheduling appointments.

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Company Profile

IT services for small business. On-Site, Remote, or In-Store. Scheduled maintenance, projects, planning.

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