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I am wife and mother of 2 boys. When not being a domestic goddess, I enjoy whipping up healthy meals, reading, writing, and climbing Stone Mountain! In my next life I will be a globetrotter but until then I love, laugh, work and play hard!

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What to DO to GET Referrals: Element: Initiative | Topic: Participation – Appropriate Referrals

As a month-of wedding coordinator I can meet the client as late as 4 weeks before the wedding and still help her be a stress-free Bride.
On Base:
– changed FB status to engaged
– seriously dating and speaks in terms of “we” often
– single person recently lost weight/make over and preparing to date
– active member of dating website
– male shopping for the ring

Home Run
– other industry vendors wanting a smooth and seamless event
– pastors or counselors that perform pre-marital counseling
– hair stylists
– bride shopping at Michaels/Hobby Lobby
– bridal dress shop

Grand Slam
– bride with active lifestyle and she outsources services
– complaining mother of the bride that wants a break
– venue owners
– burnt out/complaining bride
– previous client referrals

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