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After 20 years in the technology and telecommunications space, I decided it was time to hang my own shingle and deliver the peace of mind and trust my clients need and deserve!

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  • Phone: 678-575-8515
  • Team: Vinings
  • Introduced by Louis Agudo
  • Joined on 08/02/2017


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Leverage: Duplication

While it is true that each interaction is different, the most effective method for use in the referral triangle is definitely email. This way all parties have a record going forward: contact information, reason for the connection etc.

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  • Orientation
  • InfoMinute Seminar
  • Best Client Workshop

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Company Profile

Tech & Main is a full-service telecommunications solution provider headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We specialize in helping businesses purchase and install the latest in phone, internet, wireless and cloud services.

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