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At YEP, I’ve seen a “shock” in my business by educating my clients on how I can help them save time, money, and make a bigger impact. I provide a free planning session where we look at their company goals, annual budget, employee needs, events they plan to sponsor, etc. From there I do all the research and provide a comprehensive plan on how best to maximize their investment and brand recognition. All promotional items have their version of “Black Friday” specials at various times of the year. When I know ahead of time what my client needs and their budget I can be on the look-out for them and take advantage of great 30-50% off or more sales. This allows them to save money or get a bigger bang for their buck! According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s annual impression study many promotional products are kept for an average of nearly 7 months, I want my clients to get that ideal gift their intended audience will keep and remember them by versus getting a frantic call from a client who say; “I have this annual golf tournament I sponsor every year and I need 200 trinkets in 14 days, what can you get me for $600?” In a case like this the client is spending about 50% of his budget on expedited printing, shipping and inflated prices. When I know a head of time what they need I always get them the biggest bang for their buck!!!

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