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One of the first undergrad graduates in Computer Science at Georgia Tech.

Worked for several High-Tech companies in Atlanta over 21 years before going into my own business full time in 2001.

I have a wife, daughter, and a dog.

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  • Introduced by Bernie Bogrow
  • Joined on 05/26/2006

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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Characteristics

They are:

1. Well educated.
2. Take great vacations.
3. Have children.
4. Love to talk (so do I).
5. Willing to learn.
6. Don’t want to fix their computers and other communications devices on their own.

I like to learn something new every day. My clients know this. They and I come with something interesting and new to each appointment for discussion while I work. It’s fun! If the kids are home, they sometimes get involved in the conversations and they get to learn something.

While not discussing new topics, they talk about their families and anything else they want. This last part is where I pay extra special attention, because that’s where I get referrals to teammates from.

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