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I enjoy golf, hiking, and travel. I attended Auburn University to become a pilot. Naturally I became a banker. I enjoy helping client’s achieve their financial goals.

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With the weekly info-minutes at PowerCore I have “ready made” elevator speeches that tell a story and are thought out…focusing on something specific that I do. 7 minute Presentations are more detailed but still focused on something specific that I do and provide the foundation for presentations that I make in front of customers or groups. Both of these exercises that I do for PowerCore make me think about what I do and provide examples of when I have done it. Because of PowerCore I have a better understanding of what exactly I do and how to share it. I am better able to communicate the value that I bring to a commercial banking relationship as opposed to just being a banker.

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Company Profile

Northeast Georgia Bank is a 111 year old financial institution with a storied history, 12 branches and money to lend!

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