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I enjoy golf, hiking, and travel. I attended Auburn University to become a pilot. Naturally I became a banker. I enjoy helping client’s achieve their financial goals.

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  • Phone: 770-401-8050
  • Team: Sugarloaf
  • Introduced by Adam Hubschman
  • Joined on 05/30/2014


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What to DO to GET Referrals: Element: Credibility | Topic: Leadership – MentorCore

The current Participation Coordinator on the Sugarloaf Team is Patty Williamson. She also was the person seated 3 seats to my left so this was her lucky day! I will brag on Patty from what I have experienced in both referrals and from personal experience. She holds the Mortgage Originator seat on our team and she is very good at what she does. Particularly, she is organized, thorough and a great communicator. When she is working with a client to get them from their mortgage loan application to closing, she does a terrific job of making sure that she gathers a complete credit package from the borrower to submit to underwriting; keeping them informed on where the loan process is; and making sure that the loan closes by the contract closing date. Communication–Organization–Thoroughness are all attributes that serve her well for the leadership position that I feel she is best qualified for. That position is the one that she currently holds which is Participation Coordinator! Our meetings run smoothly because we our 7 minute presenters and introducers are aware well in advance of when they are scheduled. We have timely agendas available both online and with hard copies at the meeting to keep us informed of what is going on with our clubs. And our meetings end on time with the work that Patty does.

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Company Profile

Northeast Georgia Bank is a 111 year old financial institution with a storied history, 12 branches and money to lend!

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