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Sue started in the mortgage industry in 2001 and likes working at Vinings Mortgage due to the management, opportunity, flexibility, diversity of product, low closing costs, small town feel, and working with people who really care.

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There are 5 major types of mortgage. They are Conventional
Jumbo (loans over $453,100).
Each mortgage type has its own set of guidelines or rule we might say. There is also a further breakdown by Purchase or Refinance transactions and additional special products that fall under each category.

The major focus that I am most interested in is the Conventional and FHA purchase business, since this is most prevalent in the areas where I work. Since rates have been so low over the past 6-7 years, and the home values had dropped for so long, the refinance market was not my main focus. However, since the values have come back in the Atlanta area, people are now able to refinance and get rid of mortgage insurance at this time, or even take cash out of their homes to do some much needed or desired repairs.

I am glad to be an expert in both sides of the business, and with all of the products.

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The Bank of England, an FDIC insured bank, has been serving the needs of customers since 1898. Our partnership with bank of England allows our customers to gain access to a wide variety of offerings & take advantage of our customer service.

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