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I played three games as a child; waitress, teacher, and mommy and as an adult, I achieved success in all three! I’m known for my “Tupperwareness”; I know the perfect fit for leftovers and I know the perfect solutions for kid problems.

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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Element: Introduction | Topic: GateOpeners – Emulsification

Marriage and Family Therapists are gateopeners for me, a parenting and recovery coach. Therapists are licensed mental health clinicians and endure rigiorous, continual education in order to stay current in best practices for their clients. It is frustrating for therapists when a personal coach suggests a diagnosis or makes suggestions “outside their lane.”

I am an experienced and highly trained parenting and recovery coach. I hold certifications in both areas and attend continuing education seminars and webinars regularly. I work closely with mental health and substance abuse clinicians and so I am clear where my role ends and a licenses therapist’s begins. I “stay in my lane” which is to teach self-reinforcing skills to parents and people who want long-term recovery from substance use disorders.

Often, when a therapist’s client has parenting or recovery coaching support, they are able to focus on deeper issues with their licensed therapist which is more fulfilling for both the client AND the therapist.

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I make being a mom easier. Tantrums are going to be the end of me! How much help with homework is too much? Are teens addicted to their devices? Being a mom doesn’t have to be the hardest job in the world. I teach the methods that prove it

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