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I played three games as a child; waitress, teacher, and mommy and as an adult, I achieved success in all three! I’m known for my “Tupperwareness”; I know the perfect fit for leftovers and I know the perfect solutions for kid problems.

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  • Phone: 404-429-7201
  • Team: Emory
  • Introduced by Chris Handley
  • Joined on 05/27/2015


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Leverage: Duplication

I just made a text referral to Geoffrey Horney. My friend needed someone to put in a fence and I remember how much Doug Durham loved his fence (I got to see Geoffrey do a 7-minute on it) that Geoffrey did. I also know Geoffrey prefers text as that’s what he put on a referral slip he passed to me. Guess what? My friend prefers texting, too!

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  • TeamCoOrdinator
  • ParticipationCoOrdinator
  • Coach
  • Orientation
  • InfoMinute Seminar
  • GateOpener 101
  • Best Client Workshop
  • 7-Minute Workshop Presentation
  • Filling the Filing Cabinet

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Company Profile

I make being a mom easier. Tantrums are going to be the end of me! How much help with homework is too much? Are teens addicted to their devices? Being a mom doesn’t have to be the hardest job in the world. I teach the methods that prove it

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