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I do a specialized type of bodywork that focuses on being Pain Free, Deeply Relaxing, and Wildly Effective at relieving pain. I love Connecting Deeply with my clients and helping them live the life they are meant to have!

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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Element: Introduction | Topic: GateOpeners – When it’s you

I am currently a great gate opener for a Homeopath! I have met a really good one recently and have been so excited to be able to refer my clients to her.

I do specialized bodywork techniques to help my clients get out of pain and Homeopathy is a great adjunct to that therapy. I am happy to send my clients to this particular practitioner (Susan Kramer because she is smart, intuitive, and her remedies are effective!

I think homeopathy is such a great fit for my business that I have decided to study it myself, mentor under Susan Kramer and begin to offer it over the coming years.

A great gate opener for me is the Open Minded Orthopedic Physician or Gastroenterologist or OB/GYN. These are all MDs who come into contact with patients that have pain or conditions that can be supported by the work that I do. Often an Orthopedic doctor doesn’t have the best options to help a patient in pain – surgical interventions or drugs top their lists, and those aren’t appropriate or wanted by all patients.

It’s a great boon for them to have a holistic manual therapist that they can refer patients to before they resort to more invasive therapies.

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Connected Body Therapy focuses on restoring and reactivating the natural healing ability of the body to relieve pain by focusing on the nervous system, organ system, and the musculo-skeletal system.

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