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I have been a floral artist for over 35 years. I get excited about sharing my knowledge of plants and flowers with people! In between creating arrangements and teaching flower arranging classes I practice Taekwondo and Yoga.

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My client moved here last year to get married. She hired me to design and install plants and flower arrangements for her home. She asked if I knew an event planner for her wedding and I referred her to Shanta Tisdell. She was so impressed with Shanta that now she calls me whenever she needs someone. She realized that I know credible people. I have referred her to a photographer, printer and lawyers and she is always happy with their service and she calls to let me know.

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We specialize in sustainable botanicals. As each home, office or event is unique and a reflection of the client’s personality each project/design is treated as such and tailored to meet my client’s wishes and budget.

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