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Born and raised in GA, Tim found his entrepreneurial spirit while attending Clemson University where he earned a BS in Business. Tim purchased his first investment property at the age of 20 and soon after purchased his first business.

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  • Phone: 678-787-2720
  • Team: Whitlock Avenue
  • Introduced by Richard Stokes
  • Also Introduced by Angie Hays
  • Joined on 02/06/2015

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Leverage: Value

My PowerCore team has been very good to my clients. I keep my team roster (full of cards) with me on every appointment and will pass as many referrals as it takes to get the job done. There have been many times that I will refer Ned with SmartBox to help declutter the house, Brandon with B-Floored to replace the carpet, Shawn with Total Home Repair to fix all the little issues, Adam with Escex to inspect the roof and Raymond (wash yo hands) with First Image to do the move out clean. The client is so relieved to not have to go find all these contractors without knowing them. I willing to put my reputation on the line with my clients because I know my PowerCore will always live up to my standards.

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  • 3 year
  • 5 year
  • TeamCoOrdinator
  • InfoMinute Seminar

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