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lev·er·age: use (something) to maximum advantage. Here are a few of my “somethings” which can matter when you’re making referrals: ICF coach training, 25+ yrs of sales & management experience, non-profit board leadership,3x cancer surv

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What to DO to GET Referrals: FeedForward Cards – Information

In a recent 7-minute, team members took a “rapid-fire” version of a personal growth assessment I use with clients. The visual nature of the assessment combined with descriptions about the results produced multiple questions about level of detail I have with coaching clients. Since then I have been making sure to be less abstract and more specific how the positive coaching outcomes occur.

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Through coaching I help clients achieve success in business and life. Through a process of discovery, collaboration, and empowerment clients develop and implement practical strategies which help them achieve the results they desire.

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