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Originally from St. Louis, Mo., I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgia State University. I have three children and two adorable grandchildren, Loghan and Kobey. I enjoy networking, singing, shopping, decorating and DIY projects.

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Better Together: Keep it Still

Potential clients slip up by allowing non paying tenants to remain in their properties. When self managing, many owners do not have the heart to evict bad tenants. Every month that a tenant does pay it becomes that much harder for them to catch up. If the owner relies on the rent payment to cover a mortgage payment this can mean foreclosure. Using a professional property manager shifts the collection responsibility off the owner and on to the manager who is neutral and without emotion. We simply enforce the lease restoring possession of the property back to the owner and releasing so that cashflow can resume.

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Company Profile

Tired of your phone ringing at 10 pm about a leaky faucet? How about the trips to collect rent? Oh and don’t forget the chasing tenants who don’t pay! If you answered yes to any or all why not give us a call?

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    Edgewood Realty Group Inc,
  • 500 Bradley Dr
  • Fayetteville, GA
  • 30214
  • Phone: 770-756-9092
  • Website:

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