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Originally from St. Louis, Mo., I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgia State University. I have three children and two adorable grandchildren, Loghan and Liam. I enjoy networking, singing, shopping, decorating and DIY projects.

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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Reciprocity Is A Primary Principle of Referrals

Opportunities abound! They are everywhere we go. Being PRESENT to take advantage of them is the key.

I listen intently. Not waiting for my turn to speak, but actually listen to the person. Doing so will clue me in that they do or do not want an introduction.

I use email introductions once it is clear that both parties are ready. I structure the email exactly as I would an in person introduction. Bob, this is Sue. Sue is blah blah blah. Sue meet Bob. Bob is a blankety blank at blankety blank.

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Tired of your phone ringing at 10 pm about a leaky faucet? How about the trips to collect rent? Oh and don’t forget the chasing tenants who don’t pay! If you answered yes to any or all why not give us a call?

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    Edgewood Realty Group Inc,
  • 110 Habersham Drive
  • Suite 120
  • Fayetteville, GA
  • 30214
  • Phone: 770-371-5082
  • Website:

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