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I like, therefore I am. I like George. (for 38 years!) I like to cook. (we have 274 cookbooks) I like to read. (on my phone, on my iPad, on my Nexus 7) I like gadgets, and people who disagree with me, and scuba, and…

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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Element: Facts | Topic: InfoMinutes – Myth buster

Misconception: there are clients to be met, money to be made, at big open networking events.

Why I questioned: I wasn’t getting any clients – and couldn’t find people who were turning conversations into paying work – so I started asking questions and learning what was generating business.

The process: I read. A lot. Because reading (like attending networking events) feels like action. [And, like attending networking events, reading without follow through generates no results.] Then I started testing, learning, revising, tracking – finding out what did, consistently, generate a new client.

What I know:
[1] Eye-contact matters. Without eye-contact there’s no new client. Eye-contact, across a table – lunch or coffee. Eye-contact while listening. And it’s really difficult to give my full eye-contact attention to more than one person at a time.
[2] At a networking event spend at least six, and not more than 10 minutes with each person. Less than six minutes and they don’t remember me when I follow through. More than 10 minutes and I’m at a party, not a networking event, because I’m missing the opportunity to meet new people. The goal at a networking event is to meet people and follow through. That’s where the clients happen.

For more, check out my book Networking Aerobics: Cardio for Your Wallet. http://powercore.net/networking-aerobics/

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PowerCore Members understand that people give referrals to people. Members know they have value to give, so they share new information, in a structured way, to stimulate the conversations that result in introductions and new clients.

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