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I like, therefore I am. I like George. (for 38 years!) I like to cook. (we have 274 cookbooks) I like to read. (on my phone, on my iPad, on my Nexus 7) I like gadgets, and people who disagree with me, and scuba, and…

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Better Together: It takes time

One of the things we can see from We Did Business slips is the ramp during the first 18 months someone is a Member. It’s striking.

Our process gives people a 3-month evaluation period (as much for the Team to evaluate them) and it is unrealistic to expect great referrals during that time. (For one thing, Team Members haven’t gotten to know the new Member yet. For another, they are probably still doing “salesy” InfoMinutes.)

The good referrals start in month 4 – and there are more and more, continuously, for the next year.

Then it gets anecdotal. (Which my friend who does data for the CDC tells me is empirical.) Five year Members tell me the number of referrals they get is “embarrassing.” Ten year Member have told me they go for six months at a time with a WDB to turn in every week.

The question is “How long?” – and I have three answers:
1: Three months tells whether there’s a conceptual fit.
2: Eighteen months gives Members time to process the change to referral marketing. (One Member wisely told me she didn’t know whether it worked or not until she got good at it – to quit before she was good at it would not have been a true result.)
3: Three years to maximize connections – then ask “Have I gotten everything there is to get here?” (When I’m working with private clients that’s my rule for every association – make a 3 year decision, participate fully, then evaluate a year at a time.)

Metaphor: Time for referrals is equivalent to a battery in a power tool.

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PowerCore Members understand that people give referrals to people. Members know they have value to give, so they share new information, in a structured way, to stimulate the conversations that result in introductions and new clients.

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