Ellie White-Stevens Is MVP

Ellie White-Stevens

The Fayette Team stomped and cheered as Ellie White-Stevens added an MVP pin to her badge. MVP is the award for introducing 15 people who joined — each of whom brings referrals to the Team — it’s a generous way to participate.

Ellie generously shared her script for making an invitation: “My question is always ‘Can you do mornings? Can you do early mornings?’ And if they say they can do mornings, then I invite them to PowerCore, and that’s about it.”

Often Members report push back on the 7am meeting time, but Ellie just taught us to take that objection off the table by leading with it! After the meeting a new Member came up to say hi. “That’s exactly what Ellie said when she invited me,” Laura reported. So Ellie’s generosity bring new Members, and new referrals, to the Team and to Laura and the other people who answer yes. Thank you, Ellie.

Marianne Gudina Has A 5 Year Pin

Marianne 5

The Vinings Team applauded Marianne Gudina as she added a 5 Year Pin to her badge, and shared her reasons for five years of membership. “It’s not only to be here at the meeting and get referrals. It’s also to give referrals. We have a synergy in this group. And also, the training is valuable. I…

Tommy Thompson’s Reason For A 10 Year Pin


I asked  Tommy Thompson what has kept him setting a 5am alarm clock Monday night, so he can be at the North Gwinnett Team early Tuesday morning, for 500 weeks in a row – that’s 10 years in PowerCore terms. “This might not be the sweetest answer,” Tommy began, “but, it’s very profitable.”The Team roared with…

Jim Mothorpe Gives15 Years of Value

Jim Mothorpe

Jim Mothorpe is the first Member of the  Peachtree City Team to earn a 15 year pin.A valuable Member — the Team honored him with a round of Referral Trigger answerswhere the question was: “What’s the best benefit you’ve gotten from Jim?” Answers were poignant and varied. Each was personal. All were heartfelt. From the…

Patty Voelz Adds A 5 Year Pin To A Badge Of Bling!

Patty 5 yr

For five years Patty Voelz has been active visibly and behind the scenes in the Perimeter Team. Today when she added the 5 Year Pin to her badge I asked about the value she gets: I think we’re all a family now. It’s not just a commitment,  I can’t not come! It works, and these are all my…

Amanda Neill Is A 5 Year Member

Amanda Neill  5 yr

Amanda Neill joined the Perimeter Team five years ago. And for those five years she’s been an active and reliable Member.I asked how she benefits: I’ve realized that it’s not just about the referrals that are passed, it’s also the connections that are made at the Team and how valuable knowing these people at this Team…

Jennfier Jakob-Barnes Adds A 5 year Pin

JJB - 5 yr

Jennifer Jakob-Barnes has been a Member of the Perimeter Team for nearly 5 years.  And then, miracle, she had a baby. A valid reason for braking. But Jennifer didn’t, she upshifted. With awe at her ability to navigate life’s curves, I asked why she continues to keep 7:00 am with the Perimeter Team in her…

Eric Jensen Earns A 5 Year Pin

Eric Jensen 5 yr

For the past five years Eric Jensen as been a participatory Member of the Sandy Springs Team.  And lots has happened — from business to new babies. Still, Eric has consistently show leadership as TeamCoOrdinator, ParticipationCoOrdinator {jubilant!}, and MembershipCoOrdinator.  My question for Eric was the same as yours . . .  what is it that has kept Eric…

John Kozak Qualifies Gold Star

John Kozak

Gold Stars are awarded to Members who bring value to the Team by multiplication — by inviting Visitors, who join.The Decatur Team thanked John Kozak with applause and a shiny new star for his badge, and I asked what his convincing logic is. “I just explain the process and how long I’ve been a part of it,…

John Bennett Has A 10 Year Pin

John Bennett - 10 yr

The Decatur Team welcomed John Bennett  10 years ago, and proudly participated as he added the 10 Year Pin to his badge.My question is why he’s been getting up an hour earlier than normal on Tuesday mornings for 500 repeats. “Yeah, this is something I evaluate every year. {Laughter} Even if I go six to eight months…