250+ Breakfast Meetings – 5 Year Pin for Alan Minter


Five years is serious commitment.  It means getting up early when you probably don’t feel like it.
Alan Minter (Harry Norman Realtors) has been a faithful and reliable Member of the Vinings
Team.  The only question to ask is: “Why?”

“It has been a great thing for me and quite frankly PowerCore is really my primary source of actual
business networking.  There was time when I came close to quitting.  It was my 18th month, but 
then I closed on Valerie Brutti’s home and ever since then things just kind of steamrolled.  So, I’ve
never looked back and I’ll be here until I get out of the business.”

Now that’s perseverance… that paid off.  Congratulations Alan!

Kimberly Jackson Loyal 5 Years


Celebrating credibility, loyalty and commitment is Kimberly Jackson (Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins, LLP) who has been a Member on the Perimeter Team for 5 years and through 2 companies.  The question is: Why? “My first visit to a PowerCore Team was so different than expected that I never even visited the second Team.  This Team was so…

5-Year Pin for James Paisley


James, although you don’t have to spend much time on hair and makeup and you  live close, what has kept you setting your alarm early for 260 weeks? “First of all, the referrals are nice.  I can think of 100,000 reasons why!  PowerCore makes me better at what I do.  I’m not a morning person so…

20-Year Pin for David Citrin


The Peachtree Team honored 20-year Member, David Citrin, a personal injury attorney, by having each Member say one thing they have learned from him over the years.  One Member stated that normally the words “honesty and integrity” do not go together with the word “attorney” except when talking about David Citrin.  Other Members were quick to describe…

Sheila Kozak Awarded Her 5-Year Pin


CPAs are known for putting in long hours (especially during tax season) and Sheila Kozakof Fulton & Kozak, CPA on the Emory Team is no different.  She has demonstrated a highlevel of commitment, allegiance and reliability to her Team Members by showing up for a 7:00am meeting every week for 5 years. Why do you keep…

A 5-Year Pin for Clay Jeffreys


Clay Jeffreys of Dunwoody Mortgage Service was recognized for his rock-steady commitmentfor the past 5 years as a Member of the Emory Team.  That means 260 7:00am meetings throughrain, dark mornings, high humidity or whatever the weather, Clay is there ahead of everyoneelse as he makes the coffee.   When asked what made him get…

Doug Wheeler Earns 5 Year Pin AND Gold Star


The Alpharetta Team values Member Doug Wheeler of Data Wave Internet Solutions for his dedication and allegiance over the past 5 years.  Consistency and commitment are always admired and respected within PowerCore.  And for his participation and engagement, Doug adds new badge bling in the form of a Gold Star. What keeps you setting your alarm…

15 Year Pin for Terry Keeling


The Alpharetta Team officially has a Patriarch with more experience than anyone else on the Team none other than Terry Keeling of Nationwide Insurance.  Faithful. Constant. Reliable. Committed. Words merely begin to describe the person, but it is action that has kept Terry coming to the table year after year after year – for 15…

PowerCore Honors Twenty-Year Members & Shooting Stars Achievers

 For the First Time Ever in the UniversePowerCore Has 20-Year Membersand Celebrates Shooting Stars Achievers Over 60 Members and friends celebrated the commitment and consistency of five faithful Members who have been loyal to PowerCore and their Teams for 20 years. Integrity, Welcoming, Persistent, Funny,Kind and Supportiveare words that were mentioned over and over by those…

The First 20 Year Pin – Ever

Phil Pennartz 20 Year Pin

The Perimeter Team excitedly applauded  Phil Pennartz Thursday morning as he received the  first, ever, in the history of the universe, 20 Year Pin! Team Members each took a the opportunity to share the best thing they’ve received from him. Stories ranged from referrals (lots and lots of great referrals), to endorsement letters, to examples…