Jill Pullen Gets A Hand – Pin

Jill Pullen - Hand Pin

The Decatur Team cheered for Jill Pullen this morning as she added a Hand Pin to a lanyard filled with leadership and credibility icons.

The Hand Pin was triggered by Jill’s current role at MentorCoOrdinator. She has served as TeamCoOrdinator, ParticipationCoOrdinator, VisitorCoOrdinator and MembershipCoOrdinator during her previous 11.75 years of membership.

And the Hand Pin isn’t her first “extra”.
She’s a PowerCore Coach, an Orientation Panelist, and a 3-time Design Team participant.

Add your cheers and applause!


John B. Miller gets a 10 year pin


John B. Miller had a ready answer Wednesday when the Peachtree City Team applauded as he was inducted into the 10 Year Pin club. I asked what has kept him returning to a 7am meeting 500 times, and he replied: “Law firms aren’t supposed to make a profit for the first two years. I made a profit…

Woodstock Angel Officers

Woodstock Angels

When we start a new PowerCore Team five experienced Members fulfill the Officer’s roles for the first six weeks, to model excellence. {And referral superpowers!} The new Woodstock Team is being ably led by: Alberto Sapoznik – TeamCoOrdinator, Tyler Verlander - ParticipationCoOrdinator,  Jeanne Westmoreland – VisitorCoOrdinator,  Derek Good – MembershipCoOrdinator, and Chris Quay - MentorCoOrdinator. They’ve already modeled mentoring coffees, referrals, and getting…

Coaches Training and Coaches Update

Coaches 2014

Bright and early Monday morning eight new Coaches attended training–congratulate them for the new pin on their badges–then joined returning Coaches for Coaches Update, where they discussed what’s new for this term, and shared PowerCoaching best practises. Add your applause and gratitude for the information, structure and support Coaches bring: Top left: Chris Quay, Paul Shimek, Lori…

East Cobb Team Celebrates 5 Years with Terry Gilbreath

Terry Gilbreath

Terry Gilbreath has not _just_ been a Member of the East Cobb Team for five years, he’s been a very active Member. And not _just_ on the East Cobb Team, he served as an Angel Officer during the Whitlock Avenue Team’s CoreGroup. So I was eager to hear how he benefits from participation. “Well, I like…

Cassandra Johnson Adds Three Pins In One Day


Wednesday was Cassandra Johnson Day! First she added a Gold Star for inviting five people who’ve joined. She shared her script:“I do quite a bit of networking, and I run into quite a few people at other events. When I talk with them, sometimes they feel like they’re running out of steam, because they’ve been…

Clay Jeffreys Adds a Gold Star


It’s easy to see that Clay Jeffreys is actively involved in his Team–a quick look at the pins on his badge shows how. Wednesday he added a Gold Star, the indicator that he has invited five people who joined.  I asked what he says when he’s inviting someone: “I start by asking the question ‘What are you…

Tom Dwyer Qualifies For 5 Year Pin

Tom Dwyer 5 yr

The Dunwoody Team cheered Tom Dwyer Tuesday as he received his 5 Year Pin.When I asked him why he’s still a Member Tom had a ready answer: “It’s about the money. {pause for laughter} I can get up with the best of ‘em, but I’ve only renewed quarterly for five years. I looked up, at the end of…

Spotlight on MVP Mark Weiss

Mark Weiss - MVP

MVP is the designation for Members who are responsible for 15 new Members.This morning the North Point Team cheered  Mark Weiss as he added the MVP pin to his badgeand put his business cards in the engraved card holder commemorating his achievement. I asked Mark for his invitation script:“I typically ask how they network. If they…

Larry Lupas Is A 10 Year Member

Larry Lupas - 10 yr

The North Point Team cheered Larry Lupas this morning as he added a 10 Year Pin to the accumulation on his badge. Larry was a Member, then wasn’t, and is again. Here’s what he had to say about that: “I came back because I found that I missed the baseline structure. I still do–and did during…