Whitlock Avenue Uses Momentum To Generate Referrals


Remember that scene from You’ve Got Mail where the Grandfather pumps his fist and yells “It’s a hit!”  That’s the cheer for Whitlock Avenue’s 3rd Annual Invitational held Monday, January 2.

By the numbers: Whitlock Avenue Team has 26 Members. Two sent Substitutes. One past Member attended. One Visitor attended. And 35 Members from 19 other Teams filled the remaining seats.

At a 10 am Venis Sims, from  North Fayetteville had a referral for Shane Stogner — he turned in the We Did Business slip at Friday’s meeting.




Fayette Team Hosts North Fayetteville Team for Joint Holiday Week Meeting


By the numbers: 28 participants – including 3 Substitutes and 4 Visitors – two for each Team! Happy Thanksgiving. Picture courtesy of VCO Laura Dwigalski; stats from MCO John Ellison (who makes excellent pear jam).

Richard Hoffman Joins The 10 Year Club


Richard has attended more than 500 meetings in the last 10 years, because he’s a Coach – that’s extra. I asked what benefit brings him the willingness to set his alarm for 5 o’clock every Wednesday night. “I get so much more out of PowerCore than I feel like I put into it. You’ve got…

Five Years of Benefit for Jeanne Bynum Hipes


“When you joined the North Fulton Team, I asked Jeanne Bynum Hipes, did you think ahead five years – and think you’d still be here?”  Jeanne admitted that hadn’t been part of her first week plan! “So what benefits keep you coming to this table, every week, five years in a row?” I queried. “I’ve…

Three Hands For Emory


The Hand Pin is awarded to Members who have served in all five Officer’s positions.  I asked these three which position was their favorite: Jo Kenney: “MentorCoOrdinator – because it’s right after Members join, and it gets them started on the right path.” Chris Handley: “TeamCoOrdinator – because you’re the star. Jonathan Forbes said, ‘I…

Craig Cushingham Joins The 10 Year Club


Ten years is a sign of consistency. Consistency is a sign of credibility. Craig Cushingham shows both.  I asked Craig what his payoffs are – what benefits he gets from attending 500+ Team meetings and often participating as an Officer. What gets me up out of bed is I want to help my clients the…

Arlene Dickerson-Lavelle Adds PowerWings for Teaching New Members How To Fly


Giving is one of the three components to getting referrals. Leadership is one of the ways Members give. Arlene Dickerson-Lavelle gives to new Members on every Team as an Orientation Essentials panelist. I asked Arlene what she enjoys about participating this way, and she answered, “Getting to be that first point of contact – to…

Wendy Watkins Wears A 5 Year Pin

Wendy Watkins 5 Year

Five year Members understand it’s not only what they get, it’s what they have to give to the group that brings reciprocity and benefit. So when I gave Wendy Watkins her 5 Year Pin I asked for the best benefit she’s given. She took a beat, then said: “I can think of two. The first is…

John Bennett Qualifies For A Gold Star

John Bennett Gold Star

John Bennett is generous with an invitation to visit the Decatur Team, it’s one of the benefits he brings to the table. Tuesday John got a Gold Star because he’s invited five people who joined. I asked what he says when he’s inviting someone to a 7 AM meeting. “I usually give myself as an…

Five Year Pin for Maiya Safikovs


My question for Maiya was whether she anticipated, when she joined, that the Perimeter PowerCore Team was going to be a five year adventure for her.      “I thought these people were going to help me take my business to the next level, not necessarily just from referrals, but because of the businesses that…