It’s Been 5 Years for Bruce Wood


Bruce Wood got a 5-Year pin this morning even though he just joined the  30305 Team in August.  That’s because he was a Member previously. So I ask what made him come back.

“When Christine Brandner invited me to join PowerCore, I had my doubts it would work.  As a business appraiser, I was pleasantly surprised people at this table understood a little of what I did. And, I figured Christine wouldn’t be wasting her time if it wasn’t profitable for her, so it was definitely worth a shot.  Thank you Christine – it’s paid off.”

Don’t you just love these kind of stories?

Christine Brandner Earns A Gold Star

Christine Brandner

Christine Brandner earned a Gold Star at the 30305-Buckhead Team this morning.  My question for her, “What do you say when you’re inviting someone to attend a 7 am meeting?” “I tell them my personal story,” Christine smiled.   “It was like Divine intervention.  I met Terry Furuta through a CPA when her son was going…

20 Years for David Wise


David Wise of the Buckhead Team has been a Member for 20 years.  That’s over 1,000 early morning meetings.  Why do you do it David?  What keeps you coming each week? “I got 5 referrals the very first time I came, which it was a big surprise. I thought, hey I’ve got to continue. This is…

Joe Gottlieb Earns A Hand Pin


Joe Gottlieb, currently the VisitorCoOrdinator 2nd for the Buckhead Team, has held all 5 Officer positions.  Tell me Joe, which one is your favorite? “TCO – because the TeamCoOrdinator imports their vision for the group and builds a team of leaders to move the Team a little farther ahead.” Ergo: the Buckhead Team is great…

10 Year Pin for Robert Slocum


Robert Slocum of the North Point Team has been a Member for 10 years!  Wow that’s a lot of 7:00am meetings. What keeps you coming back? “I’m good at what I do – sales is not what I do.  PowerCore strengthens my ability to promote my business well.  I like sticking with winners and the people…

2nd Time Around and 15 Years for Chip Howard


Chip Howard of the 78 Corridor Team has been a Member twice.  What brought you back?  And what keeps you coming to over 750 early morning meetings for 15 years? “When I once again found myself working in a commissioned position I knew from my previous experience that PowerCore is effective for getting referrals. It’s…

Jo Kenney Faithful for 15 Years


Jo Kenney has been a Member of the Emory Team for 15 years.  Wow.  That’s a long time <5,475 weekly meetings>; some marriages don’t even last that long.  What keeps you coming back week-after week, year-after year? “It’s funny you mention marriage because my husband keeps asking when am I going to quit. There are a lot of…

A Gold Star for Jonathan Minsk


Jonathan Minsk of the Midtown Team earns a Gold Star – recognition for sponsorship.  What do you say to get people to come to a 7:00am meeting every week? “When I meet an individual who might be a good fit for PowerCore, I ask if they are taking on new clients.  Most business people, especially those in sales, directly…

5 Officer Roles = Hand Pin for Jason Marler


Jason Marler on the 78 Corridor Team has shown a high level of participation through leadership.  He has served in all 5 Officer roles and today we honor him for that.  Which was your favorite? “I like MentorCoOrdinator, to explain to the new folks how PowerCore works and how it has been so good for…

A 10-Year Pin for Lydia Simpson


East Cobb Member, Lydia Simpson, has never been late once to over 500 early morning meetings! What keeps you coming week after week?  Comaraderie and money are probably not enough. “When I first started it was really the referrals. I went out on my own choosing not to buy into somebody else’s business. Since then, it’s…