It’s Been 5 Years for Matthew Ellis


Congratulations Matthew for 5 years!  You started a brand new Team because there were no openings for the Financial Investment seat.  Five years later was it the right decision?

“Starting a business can get overwhelming. You wonder how you’re going to make the connections you need.  PowerCore helped me with that. It’s funny but Tuesdays are the best day of the week for me.  Mondays suck. Tuesday at our meeting is a reasonable start to the week. It gets me pumped about what I do and the people around my table and that enthusiasm gets communicated to my clients.”

It’s Gold for David Wise


David Wise on the Buckhead Team earns a Gold Star.  Congratulations David!  So what do you say to invite people to a 7am weekly business meeting? “I actually have a hard time convincing people.  No matter how I start the conversation, I always end with, “The worst thing that will happen is that you end…

Robin Wright – A Certified 5-Year Member

Robin Wright

Robin Wright, current TCO on the Woodstock Team, joins the other certified 5-Year Members in PowerCore.  The question is: “What has made it worthwhile for you to add an early morning meeting to your calendar every single week for 250+ times?” “The relationships that I’ve been able to build through PowerCore has been instrumental, not…

Shooting Star Award for Jim Mothorpe

Jim Mothorpe

Congratulations to Jim Mothorpe of the Peachtree City Team for earning Shooting Star!  That means he has sponsored 25 new Members. What is it that you say to people when you invite them to a PowerCore meeting at 7am? “I belong to a business networking group that focuses on building your business.  Would you be…

Terisha Tatter Earns MVP

Terisha Tatter

Terisha Tatter of the Sandy Springs Team earns MVP – that’s sponsoring 15 new Members!  What is your script for inviting people to visit a 7am meeting?  How do you ask them to set their alarm for 5am and meet you here at LaMadelaine’s? “First of all, everybody says, “That’s really early!”  I tell them,…

It’s Been 20 Years for Wesley Anderson, DCH

Dr. Wesley Anderson

Wesley Anderson, DCH on the Sandy Springs Team has attended over 1,000 early morning meetings.  With 20-year hindsight, what is your advice to brand new Members?  And, how long do you think you can keep this 5am on Thursday morning thing going? “I’m shooting for another 15-20 years.  I would advise new Members to attend the…

David Machost Earns 10-Year Pin

David Machost

For 520 weeks David Machost of the North Point Team has been getting up early for a PowerCore breakfast business meeting. As always the question is: Why? “The obvious reason is to make money and PowerCore has helped me in this endeavor by making my message clear, concise and to the point.  By educating my…

A 5-Year Pin for Mary Sheppard


Mary Sheppard, a self-described non-morning person, has received her 5 year pin. To the question “why do you do it?” she replied, “PowerCore has been a powerful tool to help me grow my business and my confidence. I joined the first time back in 1997 and built my practice up to a nice size. Then I left for…

James Curtin Earns 5-Year Pin


Showing up every week for a 7am meeting is one of the ways James Curtin exhibits the quality of character he Candler Park Team wants in a person they give referrals to.  Which is why they honored James with their applause when he received his 5 Year Pin. When asked what has kept him setting the alarm for an early Thursday meeting he had…

250+ Breakfast Meetings = 5 Year Pin for Alan Minter


Five years shows serious business commitment. That’s how long Alan Minter has been a Member of the Vinings Team.  The obvious question to ask is: why? “It has been a great thing for me. PowerCore is my primary source for business networking.  There was time when I came close to quitting.  It was my 18th month, but then I closed…