A 10-Year Pin for Joseph Chvatal

Joseph Chvatal

Do you know how many early morning meetings Joseph Chvatal has attended in 10 years?  That’s right, do the math.  It’s a lot.  Before learning about PowerCore, Joseph had spent a couple of years with another closed referral group “who were so fixated on passing slips,” he says, “that what I got was a semi cold call (who are you & who told you to call me?).  I could do that myself.”

When he heard Woodstock was forming a Team he attended the first meeting, “Unfortunately, there was a Member from another Team in my seat who wanted to transfer so he got the seat.  It was a year-and-a-half later when I received a call one Tuesday evening letting me know the seat was available.  The meeting was the next morning and I jumped at the opportunity.  That was 10 years ago.  Members have come and gone.  The one constant has been the quality of people I have met and those relationships still bear fruit.  I’m glad to be a Member of the Canton Business Leaders Team.”

Imagine just how proud this Team is of their 10-year Member.  Way to go Joe!

Jason Wade Earns 15-Year Pin After 775+ Early Morning Meetings


Jason Wade is a consistent and successful business man – 15 years strong.  What words of wisdom do you have for other Members or Visitors? “You get business out of the meetings, but there is so much more.  You get a lot of resources and the opportunity to bounce business ideas off your fellow Members and…

Deanna LaRue Adds 5 Members for a Gold Star

Deanna LaRue 5 yr

A Gold Star for Deanna LaRue - How do you start the conversation to invite people to events? “I tell them my story,” Deanna says.  ”I was looking to getting back into the networking business.  The financial advisor had been in his seat for 15 years!  I thought, This must be a good place to be for referrals. So…

5 Year Pin – 250 7:00am Meetings for Oscar Velez


Oscar Velez of the Canton Business Leaders Team is a 5-Year Member who at one point left PowerCore and came back.  That’s more impressive than a Member who stays because he had a choice whether to come back or not.  After 250 mornings of getting to a 7:00am Team meeting Wendy asks: What made you make…

Dale Johnson – 5 Yr Member Credits 90% of Business to PowerCore


For 5 years Dale Johnson has been a faithful Member of the Decatur Team.  When asked what kept him setting the alarm clock early for a 7:00 a.m. meeting 250 times, he answered: I started my business 4 months before joining so my business kind of grew up on PowerCore. Basically I’m the poster child…

A Gold Star for Jim Coyle


The Dogwood Team cheered for Jim Coyle today as he added a Gold Star to his badge.  They applauded because Jim’s invitations mean more referrals for them, too!  I ask Jim what he says when he’s inviting a client to a 7 a.m. meeting: I tell them that it’s an effort to be made, but…

Peter Tarantino Adds Two Pins In One Day


Peter Tarantino joined the 10 Year Club  and added a PowerWings pin on the same day. For 10 years he’s been asking himself, on Thursday evening, when he sets his alarm clock, “Is 7 o’clock tomorrow morning something I want to do?” Consistently, 500 times, the answer has been yes. Don’t you want to know why?…

DD Lee Is A Gold Star Achiever


DD Lee has added Gold Star to a badge of bling. Gold Star means she’s personally responsible for bringing five new Members to the table. That’s a benefit for them and for the Members of the Teams they joined. When I asked DD what she says when she’s inviting, she shared:  “I learned this from Marc. ‘Do…

Tyler Verlander Has A 3D Perspective on Five Years

Tyler Verlander 5 yr

Tyler Verlander has been a Member for five years, differently than any other Member. She shared her 3D perspective with her Team on Friday when she got her 5 Year pin. I’ve been part of PowerCore on two different Teams, in three different businesses. Two of them were not mine, I helped grow those businesses,…

Referral Trigger for the week of May 11

Conversation led by the Fayette Team                Imagine for a minute that we are each new in your business, and you are mentoring us. Describe a behavior that makes a difference.  Share how you learned the importance of this behavior, and how you cultivated the habit of using it.  …