Drew Niess Sports A 5 Year Pin

Drew niess

Drew Niess joined the 5 year Club on the Peachtree Team. I asked what keeps him arriving (usually first!) every Thursday morning.

“I work in a very small business, with only a couple of people. For me the group has so much to offer just from the Team Members. The different ideas keep me motivated to grow my business. So it’s the camaraderie that keeps me here.”

Cue applause from his friends and mentors — also known as Team Members.

Tom Dwyer Achieves The Hand Pin

Tom Dwyer

The Hand Pin signals that Tom Dwyer has been TeamCoOrdinator, ParticipationCoOrdinator, VisitorCoOrdinator, MembershipCoOrdinator and MentorCoOrdinator. That’s a full hand of leadership. I asked Tom which was his favorite. “I  like TeamCoOrdinator the best,” he replied, “because I get to be in charge. And I like to be in charge.” Nice attribute for a contractor, I think. 

Bob Darden Earns A 10 Year Pin

Bob Darden - 10 yr

“The great thing about my business” Bob shared, when I asked him what had kept him coming back for 10 years, “is that if I get a referral, and I do what I’m supposed to, it’s a life-long referral. It’s not a one-and-go. And not only is that a good referral, but if I do…

Meredith Sims Has The Hand

Meredith Sims - Hand Pin

Meredith Sims proudly added a Hand Pin pin to her badge, showcasing her leadership at the Candler Park Team in the TeamCoOrdinator, ParticipationCoOrdinator, VisitorCoOrdinator, MembershipCoOrdinator and MentorCoOrdinator roles.  Bravo, Meredith!

New MentorCoOrdinators


Tom Shults on the Roswell Team, James Molinaro, III, on the Milton Team and Bill Kelly on the Emory Team,  now serve in the MentorCoOrdinator leadership role.(Kinda looks like they’re going to have fun!)

Diane Smith Has Been a Member For 10 Years,
and has the pin to prove it!

Dianne Smith 10 year

Diane Smith joined the Marietta Square Team 10 years ago. “The benefits are unbelievable. Here’s why I say that:  my major clients have come through PowerCore. Not only the major, but the best. And the friendship around this table is so important to me, I don’t know where else I would rather be at 7…

Bob Stone Qualifies for 5 Year Pin

bob stone

Bob Stone on the North Fulton Team is proud to wear a 5 Year Pin. Bob shared that this means a 5:05am alarm clock for him. I asked why he’s decided, 250 times, to get up at 5:05.  “It seems like a good idea at the time.”  The Team laughed! “It’s always a pleasure to get…

Linda Kuryoski Has A 5 Year Pin

Linda K - 5 Year pin

The Buckhead Team cheered Friday as Linda Kuryoski was awarded her 5 Year Pin. Linda has served as TeamCoOrdinator, VisitorCoOrdinator and MentorCoOrdinator,and I asked how she’s benefitted from five years of participation. “I continue to meet people who I can continue to use with my own client base and expand my network, and that has been…

New Milton Team Has Officers!

picstitch (11)

Amber Taylor, Carrie Hadley, and  Bob Bergitzer join James Molinaro, III and Michelle Higginsas the new LeadershipCore for the Milton PowerCore Team

Mitch Sosebee Gets A 15 Year Pin

Mitch 15 yr pin

Mitch Sosebee is the third Member of the Peachtree Team to wear a 15 Year pin. “This is my advertising team,” Mitch shared. “It’s the biggest part of attracting business. And so in order to keep the process going, I keep this up. It’s hard. It is difficult, particularly in my business, HVAC. Right now…