Randy Garrett Marks 10 Years with the Sandy Springs Team

Randy Garrett 10 Year Pin

Randy Garrett won a HOT Seat on the Sandy Springs Team 10 years ago. Ten years later – whew – 10 years – Randy has the Hand Pin – for holding all five Officers positions, and added the 10 year pin to what very little space is still available on his badge. My first question for Randy was, when you first came did you think you would be here 10 years later?

“No. Because I remember Wesley was right at 10 years, he got his 10 year pin, and I thought ‘Wow. That’s a long time to have been at this table. That’s a really long time.'”   So what kept you here for this really long time?

“What kept me here for 10 years is the the relationships we created here and the unity of the people who have been at this table and have gone. I still keep contact with them. And a lot of it is the benefit of the skill sets I’ve picked up, not just the referrals. I’ve picked up a lot of skills as far as interviewing and presentations and coffees and things like that with the people at this table. It’s important to me.”  You’re important to us, too, Randy.  Congratulations!


North Fulton Cheers for Dr. Donna Goodwin’s 5 Year Pin

Dr. Donna Goodwin - North Fulton

Dr. Donna Goodwin has been a participating Member of the North Fulton Team for five years – yowza! Her badge already includes silver stars for serving in the ParticipationCoOrdinator, VisitorCoOrdinator and MentorCoOrdinator role, and now she’s added the credibility pin for five years of 7 am participation. I asked her what was different now, after…

Why Melissa Darrow Joined the 5 Year Club


My first question to Melissa was whether she anticipated, when she joined, being a Member for five years. “I didn’t really think about that,” she said. “Here’s the thing with me, I’m not looking one shot referrals. I don’t need ten leads a week. I need two or three good referrals a year. For me the great…

Ken DeRose-Broekert Sports a Gold Star


We know that the average Member passes 40 referrals a year. So when one person brings five new Members to that table, that’s a boost of 200 referrals. That’s worth a Gold Star – and that’s what Ken got at his meeting Wednesday.  I asked what he says to people when he invites them to…

Brett Vincent Inducted Into 5 Year Club


The Peachtree City Team celebrated Brett Vincent’s five years of membership at the table. I asked if he’d planned, five years ago when he joined, to attend 250 7 o’clock AM meetings? “Oh no!” Brett answered with a grin — then he kept talking — “but I got a lot of business from it! and…

Congratulations to 5 Year Member John Belizaire


Amid applause from the Peachtree City Team, I asked John why he joined five years ago. I realized the benefit of PowerCore because another Nationwide agent, Holly, was a Member of a PowerCore Team and she always talked about how great PowerCore was. It got to the point where I wanted to start my own PowerCore! I had contacted you about starting…

The Whitlock Avenue Team’s
Second Annual Invitational

Whitlock Avenue Second Invitational

On the first business day of the year the Whitlock Avenue Team hosts a PowerCore meeting for people who want to start the year in motion. On Monday, January 4, 2016, 63 people, including 7 Visitors, 4 past Members, and 37 Members representing 21 other Teams passed 33 referrals, 2 endorsement letters, 22 We Did Business…

2016 InfoMinute Creative

In 13 hours, over 2 days, 15 people divided their business into 4 drawers and then wrote 8 series of 6 InfoMinutes (that’s 48 InfoMinutes) and outlined 4 7-Minute Presentations and the InfoMinutes to go with them, and scheduled them for the year. They’re prepared for profit in 2016. Terisha Tatter, Kevin Ames, Jill Pullen, Andrew Jones, Jr.,…

Smyrna PowerCore Team Marks 1 Year Anniversary

The Smyrna Team started CoreGroup January 5, 2015

One year ago today the Smyrna Team had their first meeting. Congratulations to Andreas Wilder (now TeamCoOrdinator) Nina Parker (currently MentorCoOrdinator) Ray Hinton (MtCO 2nd) and original instigator Tisha Curry (currently MembershipCoOrdinator) who also completed grad school this year. Bravo and applause and fireworks!

For Andrew Jones Jr The Referrals Are Worth It


Q: Andrew, when you first joined a PowerCore Team did you think you’d be here five years later? Andrew:   I did not think I would be here the next quarter.   Q:  Because?  Andrew:  I was terrified. Q:  Because?  Andrew:   Because speaking in public was the scariest thing I could possibly do. Q:  What kept you here…