Clay Jeffreys Wears A Hand Pin

Clay Jeffreys - Hand pin

Clay Jeffreys is proud to be among the Members who have shown leadership by being an Officer.

The Emory Team benefits from Clay in his role as mortgage broker — and Clay gives more:
He’s been TeamCoOrdinator, ParticipationCoOrdinator, VisitorCoOrdinator, MembershipCoOrdinator
and MentorCoOrdinator. 

The Hand Pin is only one of the ways he shows leadership. Clay is the first person in each Wednesday morning,
he makes the coffee. Clay also stimulated a six-week InfoMinute series focusing on GateOpeners for five Members
of his Team, and, odds are, he’s got other ideas in queue! So when you see that Hand on his badge, shake his hand
with congratulations.

Tommy Schlosser Earns A PowerWings Pin

Tommy Panelist pin

Once a month experienced Members share their success tips with new Members at Orientation. For giving new Members the boost of straight answers, Tommy Schlosser has added a PowerWings Pin to his badge. Tommy brings strength to the Whitlock Team with Visitors and leadership — and to Members in every Team by sharing the rules…

Raymond Jackson Wears The Hand Pin

Raymond Jackson hand pin

Give a hand toRaymond  “wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands” Jackson who added a Hand Pin to the credibility row on his badge and profile. The Hand Pin shows Raymond has served the Marietta Square Team as TeamCoOrdinator, ParticipationCoOrdinator, VisitorCoOrdinator, MembershipCoOrdinator and MentorCoOrdinator.He’s shared that leadership with the Whitlock Team as an Angel Officerand…

Valerie Brutti Shows Teamwork


New Members have existing Members to thank for a fast start.When a new Team forms five Angel Officers model excellence for their first six meetings. Valerie Brutti  wears a Teamworks pinbecause she was the VisitorCoOrdinator Angel Officer for the Milton Team. Bravo Valerie! Thank you.

Kriston Sellier Wears A 5 Year Pin With Purpose

Kriston Sellier - 5 yr

Kriston Sellier is a wife with a traveling husband; a mother with two young children; a business owner with employees, and a five year PowerCore Member. Here’s the answer you’ll get when you ask what has kept this 7am meeting on her calendar for 5 years: PowerCore has the best return on investment for my business. I…

Priscilla Hollman Is In The 5 Year Club

Priscilla Hollman 5 yr

Priscilla Hollman  is the 11th Member of the Marietta Square Team to be awared the 5 Year Pin.That means half of the Team has been consistently participating for longer than many businesses survive. Five years is a long time – 250 5:45am alarm clocks – so I asked Priscilla what her motivation is. I didn’t…

Michael ONeill gets a Teamworks pin

Michael O Niell

Michael O’Neill is a Member and often an Officer on the Peachtree Corners Team, and now sports the Teamworks pin because he shared his leadership skills withthe Milton Team during their six weeks of CoreGroup.  Applause, cheersand grateful thanks.

Barbara Kvam Wears A 15 Year Pin

Barbara Kvam 15 year

Barbara Kvam  was a Member, and then she wasn’t, and then she re-joined at the Peachtree Corners Team.The total adds up to 15 years. As her Team applauded her new pin, I asked why she came back. I changed classifications – I went back into insurance, I’d been in the printing industry – and when I…

Chuck Green Proudly Adds A Hand Pin

Chuck Green Hand pin

Chuck Green, founding Member of the Central Perimeter Team wears a Hand Pin on his name badge. This means he has held all five leadership positions:TeamCoOrdinator, ParticipationCoOrdinator, VisitorCoOrdinator, MembershipCoOrdinator and MentorCoOrdinator. Congratulate him with a handshake! 

Chris Holzwarth and Lewis Hammond Join The 5 Year Club

lewis and chris 5 yr

Chris Holzwarth and Lewis  Hammond had different reasons why they’ve chosen to have a 7am meeting on their calendar, every week, for five years: Lewis said, “Well, when I first started PowerCore I wasn’t getting many referrals. But even if I don’t get many referrals being here every Friday morning reminds me the discipline –…