Ten Years for Jim Coyle


A faithful PowerCore Member for 10 years, Jim Coyle is honored by the Dogwood Team.  The question is always “what makes you put a 7:00am Friday appointment on your calendar?  For 10 years no less!”

“I was not powerful with a good way of marketing.  In PowerCore you get referrals.  I think that we’re one of the first teams that you had in our area and I was in that original Team.  However, for certain reason I left for a time and came back because I was asked to and I was anxious to get back to another powerful Team.  I’ve been on the Dogwood Team for about 5 years now and really appreciate them.”  

Izzy Israeli Earns A 5-Year Pin


Izzy Israeli of the Dogwood Team adds a 5-Year Pin to his badge.  Five years ago when you came to your first PowerCore meeting what was it that made you say, “I think I’ll give this a try?” “It was knowing I could grow spiritually and business wise.  I would be able to gain a lot…

A 5-Year Pin for Susan Fraley


The Dogwood Team recognizes Susan Fraley as a 5-Year Member.  “When you first joined PowerCore did you think you would still be here 5 years later?” “I absolutely told myself I would commit to doing it for 2 years.”  Really and at the end of 2 years what was your decision making process to stay?…

Jeff Veal Adds A Teamworks Pin


Jeff Veal is currently the MembershipCoOrdinator on the North Point Team and has been an Officer in the past.  He now is sporting the Teamworks pin because he shared his leadership skills with the Brookhaven Team during their six weeks of CoreGroup. Applause, cheers and grateful thanks.

Duncan Cottrell Earns a Gold Star


The Decatur Team recognizes Duncan Cottrell for earning a Gold Star.  How do you tell people they should come to an early morning meeting to help grow their business? “I see what it has done for my business.  I tell them it is well worth it and a great place to meet people.” No truer words were spoken.

A Gold Star for Michael Sussman


Michael Sussman of the Decatur Team earned a Gold Star for inviting five people who joined PowerCore. When asked what words work for him when he’s inviting someone to an early morning meeting in the cold and the dark, Michael answered: “I tell them it has 100% helped my business and if they give it a chance and work…

Chuck Grennor Earns A Gold Star


Chuck Grennor of the North Gwinnett Teams earns his Gold Star for sponsoring 5 new Members.  What are the magic words you use to invite people to a 7am PowerCore meeting? “The first thing I tell them is how great our group is!  Then I tell them what it’s done for my business and what…

5-Year Pin for Damon Grimaldi


Damon Grimaldi of the North Gwinnett Team earns his 5-Year Pin.  Why do you keep coming to a weekly 7:00am networking meeting? “At first I was skeptical.  I thought it was a complete waste of time and then people started going to coffee with me, which helped me get to know them.  They kept me…

Mike Rusenko Earns 5-Year Pin


Mike Rusenko of the 30305-Buckhead Team show his credibility in length of membership. Five years, 7:00 in the morning, substitutes during tax season, why have you kept this on your weekly calendar? “Because it has been profitable. I get referrals. I get new clients.” Good reason for joining. Good reason for continuing.

It’s Been 5 Years for Bruce Wood


Bruce Wood got a 5-Year pin this morning even though he just joined the  30305 Team in August.  That’s because he was a Member previously. So I ask what made him come back. “When Christine Brandner invited me to join PowerCore, I had my doubts it would work.  As a business appraiser, I was pleasantly surprised people at…