Ron Utterback Adds A 5 Year Pin

Ron Utterback

The Candler Park Team cheered for Ron Utterback when he received his 5 year pin. Then I asked my standard question – what has kept you showing up for 250 7am meetings? Is it just the referrals? Ron explained:

There are some other things that you get.

Companies like Coca-Cola would pay Price Waterhouse millions of dollars to come in and tell them who’s their client, what are their products, and how to market them. We get it here for few hundred bucks a quarter, or less. So that’s a value that, particularly in the early years, building InfoMinutes and dissecting your business, that’s a value that isn’t really related to the dollars, per se. And then, as we grow our own network, our resources, I look at the 19 of us here at the table, not to mention the other Teams that I sub on and Coach, I’ve got a long list of resources. So I’ve become a lot more valuable to my clients by being here at 7am once a week, too.

Nice view Ron. Thanks for giving us a look through your binoculars.

Carol Jensen Linton Has Been A Member For 10 Years!

Carol Jensen Linton 10

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Jim Mothorpe gets a Podcast pin

Jim Mothorpe podcast

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Patty Voelz

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Tommy Schlosser Leads The Field With The Bling To Show For It

Tommy - MVP and podcast

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Lee Martin Wears The 5 Year Pin

Lee martin 5 year pin

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5 Year Pin for Ross Perloe

Ross Perloe - 5 yr

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Beth Boswell Earns The Gold Star

Beth Boswell gold star

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Gerrell Sterling Chooses To Get A 5 Year Pin

Gerrell Sterling - 5 yr

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Clay Jeffreys Wears A Hand Pin

Clay Jeffreys - Hand pin

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